Transformer v1.5.4
by Sinevibes
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AU host application. Mac OS 10.3.9 or higher

Last Updated: 2007-09-25
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

Transformer has been discontinued.

It has been replaced by Turbo S

Transformer is a flexible sound processing plugin implementing innovative Wave Transformation Synthesis algorithms newly-developed at Sinevibes. This technology allows to directly manipulate the harmonic content of the input signal, and literally lets you transform it into a wide variety of totally different, rich and dense sounds. Transformer also includes two snappy, tempo-syncable LFO generators for modulating wave transformation depth and amplifier level which allows to create wonderful phrases, basslines, and the like. The LFOs include classic waveforms and complex rhythmic patterns, plus they can also be hard-synchronized to obtain even more modulation forms.

Depending on the input signal type and transformation model settings, you can use Transformer to create powerful and rich FM- or waveshaper-like basses, filtered+boosted or formant-filtered synths, plastic or extreme screaming acid leads, metallic or robotic phrase loops, and beyond - but more importantly make these sounds rhythmically morphing and arpeggiating in unique ways thanks to the built-in LFOs.


  • High-resolution processor with innovative Wave Transformation Synthesis
  • 12 possible transformation models
  • Two tempo-syncable LFO generators for transform depth and amplifier level control, featuring basic waves, complex forms and rhythmic patterns (15 in total) as well as mutual hard-sync for enormous modulation possibilities
  • Fully validated plugin, works at any bit depth and sample rate
  • Comes with a comprehensive owner's manual with in-depth functionality explanations and usage tutorials
  • Includes a collection of preset patches, as well as demo Garage Band projects

New in v1.5.4

  • New waveshaper code with less CPU consumption.
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