Turbo 3.1.1
by Sinevibes
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Operating System:
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License Conditions:

Demo version generates noise bursts every 20 seconds. Full version is available for $29

System Requirements:

Mac OS 10.5 or later.

Last Updated: 2014-02-14
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Turbo is an AudioUnit effect plugin that turns simple sounds into rich animated textures.

It features 6 original waveshaping models which drastically transform the input signal and vastly enrich it's harmonic content. Simply by processing basic waveforms, these models can produce an astonishing variety of sounds, emphasizing all of their dynamic and spectral variations. The waveshape can also be modulated by an advanced step sequencer, opening a new dimension for complex pulsating and morphing sounds. This sophisticated device offers up to 16 steps each with individual envelope shape and multiple timing and shaping options, allowing you to create a myriad of different patterns. Thanks to all these unique possibilities, Turbo S now allows you to easily achieve results that were previously only possible with complex modular synthesis systems.


  • Six high-definition waveshape transformation algorithms.
  • Sequencer with up to 16 steps, variable swing and speed.
  • Envelope matrix with 6 shapes, adjustable time and smoothness.
  • Intuitive, high-contrast user interface with full parameter automation.
  • Useful collection of template patches.

Changes in 3.1.1

  • Four new LFO shapes: trapezoid, notch, 3x staircase and 4x staircase.
  • Redesigned parameter and modulation slider

Changes in 3.1.0

  • User interface improvements.

Changes in 3

  • More sound shaping
  • More sound modulation
  • Redesigned from ground up

Changes in 2.0.1

  • Improved GUI
  • Added "rotating arc" LFO cycle indicator.
  • Re-calibrated low-pass filter resonance.
  • BugFix for model selector pointer response range.

Changes in 1.3.0

  • Save screenshot in PNG format
  • Parameter automation begin/end gestures.
  • Harmonics control slider
  • Two-stage input filter
  • Redesigned User Interface
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