Vocov2 Vocoder 2.13
by g200kg
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VSTi host application.

Last Updated: 2008-05-05
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Software Description

As seen in Hitsquad's Top 10 Free VST Virtual Instruments

Vocov is a VSTi Vocoder with an additional modulator audio capture plug-in.


  • Vocode and mix with two different engine (FFT-based Digital / FilterBanked Analog).
  • Works as a VSTi with modulator/carrier audio capture plug-in.
  • Built-in 8-Voice poly Synth or captured audio can be used for carrier.
  • Up to 4 .wav files or captured audio can be used for modulator audio.
  • Buffer freezing function for modulator.
  • 6 bands Graphic EQ.
  • Delay/Chorus/Reverb Effect.

New in v2.13

  • Bug Fix: Noise on stereo carrier mode.
  • Bug Fix: Fix making big pulse (may cause hang-up) in conjunction with some other plug-ins.

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I got it to work. Still too much distortion for me

Actually, I got this one to work. I was using Cakewalk Music Creator 3, and I found there was an executable under program files \ cakewalk that I had to run manually so it would detect new plugins. The key was then to run the playback dll as an added VST thing (Cakewalk adds it like it's another track), and to make sure that I select both my carrier and modulator tracks and check off the boxes that says that I'm using them.

Although it did work and seemed closer to what it should be than any other vocoders I've tried so far, I still did not get the results I was seeking Like most vocoders, it's really best for distorting something. It *kinda* gives you the effect of taking the speech elements from the modulator and the tone quality and pitch elements from the carrier, but there's significant distortion, and so far I haven't gotten it to sound really the way I would like. Like all other vocoders, there are also a whole bunch of enigmatic knobs that you have to play around with. But I suppose it's sort of on the right track, compared to other ones I've tried that don't even let you pick a carrier track.

Vocov2 Vocoder v2.13

Wow! I can't wait to try out this one..if all goes well..forget about making soundfonts.

Vocoder part won't register

(Originally posted at 17:38:00 12/04/07)

For all my efforts, I cannot get anything but the capture part to show. There is no vocoder part registering.

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