WIDI Audio To MIDI VST v1.10
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VST host application.

Last Updated: 2006-04-20
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Software Description

WIDI Audio To MIDI VST is a realtime Audio to MIDI conversion plug-in for Cubase and other Windows VST hosts. The plugin receives input from an audio channel and performs realtime music recognition. Resulting MIDI events are then sent to the host's MIDI channel. Detected notes as well as signal spectrum are also displayed in the plugin window. Polyphony and sensitivity of recognition algorithm can be set up to obtain better recognition quality. The velocity of output notes is constant and can be controlled with a slider.

With WIDI Audio To MIDI VST you can transcribe musical files from variety of audio formats (WAVE, MP3, AIFF and others) to MIDI commands. Adjusting recognition parameters takes effect instantly. This allows you to enhance transcription accuracy on the fly.

New in this version

  • Now the plugin is able to recognize chords in real-time. Chord names are displayed in the plugin window, allowing you to accompany recorded music in realtime. A new MIDI recorder is created to simplify recording of MIDI files.
  • Paste buttons avoid the necessity to retype registration code manually. The compatibility with several VST hosts such as Ableton Live is improved.

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es muy bueno quisiera experimentar soy musico

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