Wusik Station v7.0.6
by Wusik
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Operating System: Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000
File Size: 9 MB
License: Demonstration (All Demo software)
License Conditions:

Stops working after 30 minutes of usage. Can’t save banks of song information. Registration: US$55.95

System Requirements:

VSTi host application. 900+ MB space for demo sound samples

Last Updated: 2012-07-13
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Wusik Station is a Hybrid Vector & Wavesequencer Sampler / Synth Workstation.


  • WaveSequencing / Vector Synthesis / Sample Playback and Recording / Additive Synthesis.
  • Smooth Over-Sampled Filters.
  • Tool-Tips for near every option.
  • Integrated Groove box.
  • Up to 128 voices per layer.
  • Insert Effects per layer.
  • Integrated Sample-Editor with Audio-Input for Recording.
  • High Quality Over-Sampling Options.
  • Studio Reverb (Anwida Technology).
  • Effects Collection + VST effect support.
  • Stereo Layers.
  • Detached File-Browser with search options.
  • Drag-and-drop support for WAV, SFZ, WusikPRST and WusikSND files.
  • Disk-Streaming.
  • Full SFZ Sample support.
  • Tons of Modulation Options.
  • User parameters are saved in a wIni file, instead of the windows registry.
  • Presets can hold comments that display upon loading.
  • Master Limiter.
  • Real Multi-Out Version.
  • FX Version, which you can use to process sounds.
  • Special WusikSND and SFZ options: Key Switching, Round Robin, Group-Mute, Sample-Release and Sample-Legato.
  • Special WusikPACK file-format. This allows easier installation of new sounds and backup too. You can select a preset or a folder of presets, and all the required files for the preset(s) will be saved inside the WusikPACK file. For easier distribution/backup.
  • Categorized Library. With this tool, you can categorize your presets in any way you want without having duplicated preset files. The WusikLIB file holds a reference to the original WusikPRST file.
  • Master Unison option.
  • Smooth Pitch-Bend.
  • MicroTuning support via Scala .TUN files.

Changes in v7.0.6

  • Wusikstation V7 Demo version now available.
  • Fixes loading of WusikSND files from right-hand browser panel.
  • Improved installer icon.
  • Improved installation procedure.
  • New WSv7_Installation.pdf
  • Changed output pin names.
  • Fixes wrong multi-out behaviour in Studio One (bug introduced by WSv7.0.3).
  • Improved GUI-sizing in Cubase LE v4.

Changes in v7.0.4

  • Recoded ModMatix destinations AmpEnv and ModEnv.
  • Added ModMatrix Source Velocity (monophonic).
  • Added ModMatrix All Filters Resonance.
  • Host now only shows one Program.
  • Fixed loading of 8-bit WAV-files.
  • Improved auto-tuning of single-cycle waveforms. (maximum length of single-cycle waveform is now < 0.06116 of the waveform's sample rate).
  • Improved display of single-cycle waveforms.
  • If a single-cycle is looped, WS will now auto-tune. (maximum length of single-cycle waveform is < 0.12225 of the waveform's sample rate).
  • Now ignores invalid WusikPRST files in the Wusikstation Data\Presets folder.
  • Bugfix for rogue blank space above GUI in Cubase v4-v6.
  • Bugfix for a filter bug.
  • Bugfix for flawed right-channel processing of layers W1+W2 stereo-samples.
  • Bugfix for SONAR X1 crash when loading Wusikstation Multi-Out.

Changes in v7

  • TreeView Browser
  • Complete Sounds Installer
  • Multi-Preset Feature
  • Drawable Waveforms
  • Additional Sounds
  • Various new features and Changes

New in v6.0

  • Added: New Multi Preset Layer. Now you can have 16 times more Layers, WaveSequencers and GrooveSequencers. Each Multi Preset Layer can load a full WusikPRST file.
  • Added: New TreeView File Browser which lets you browse not just the Wusik Station Data Folder, but your entire Drive(s) on your computer. With several options, like Drag-and-Drop to move files around, copy, paste, rename, move, new-folder, search and other options.
  • Added: Drawable Waveforms. We included a small set of waveforms in a WusikPACK file. You can also open regular sounds and convert to a Drawable WusikSND file. They work just like a regular WusikSND file, but when you open the Sample-Editor, it shows a different window where you can draw waveforms directly. There are several ways to draw and manipulate waveforms: free-draw, line-draw, zoom, phase-positioning, smooth, normalize, phase-invert and inverse. Drawable waveforms are saved in the preset/project file, so there's no need to save to WusikSND files, unless you want to share your waveforms.
  • Added: Groove Sequencer Remote Pattern key zone start and end. The key just before the lowest zone key will stop the current groove.
  • Added: new Mod-Matrix Destination - Sticky Keys. When you play a key, it will sustain until you play another key, and the a certain time has passed. Or, if you play a near zero velocity key (velocity < 20, from 127) all keys will stop. The time is set with the Amnt option. It will use the BPM tempo to determinate the number of seconds of each beat. So, if you set 1, it will stick all keys played during the period of 1 beat. This is better than latch, as you can play chords, and not even at the same time. Just raise Amnt to the number of beats you want notes to stick together.
  • Added: option to disable audio-input (right click / context menu).
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