XMPlay v3.5.1
by Unforeseen Developments
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Last Updated: 2010-02-17
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Software Description

XMPlay is a Windows music player, supporting the OGG / MP3 / MP2 / MP1 / WMA / WAV / MO3 / IT / XM / S3M / MTM / MOD / UMX audio formats, and PLS / M3U / ASX playlists. A load more formats are also supported via Winamp plugins. When XMPlay was first released in 1998, only the XM format was supported, hence the name "XMPlay".

  • Interpolation & volume/pan ramping
  • 5 Band equalizer - adjustable gain at five frequency bands
  • Reverb & surround sound - for a richer, fuller flavour
  • Per-track settings - save default "Output Options" settings (eq/reverb/etc...) to be used each time a track is loaded, with a (also customisable) default setting for all tracks that do not have specific settings
  • Track information - displays file information, instrument/sample texts, and messages/tags
  • WAV writer - writes 8/16/32-bit WAVs, supports external encoders (MP3/OGG/etc...), optional automatic level normalization
  • Integration - open files from Windows Explorer, drag'n'drop files/directories/shortcuts/URLs, monitor the clipboard for streamable URLs, drag'n'drop tracks from XMPlay into other programs
  • Archive plugins - archived/compressed files can be loaded just like normal files
  • Visualisation - compatible with Sonique plugins, also includes a MOD pattern view

Head to the Unforseen web site for skins and plugins.

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Perfect Play of Amiga Music Formats

i was looking for a player to hear some old amiga tunes (for sake of nostalgia) coz the winamp plugin done a horrible job.

so i downloaded this player and amiga formats sound amazing on this thing.

i'v ran a few dozen amiga tunez on it so far and its absolutly perfect.

Thank You!

Nuff said

This player is better than winamp. Just my opinion.

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