Zebra v2.7.2
by u-he
(u-he Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 25 MB
License Conditions:

Registration: US$199.00

System Requirements:

VST/AU/RTAS host application. Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher

Last Updated: 2015-10-29
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Zebra is a wireless modular synthesizer that combines subtractive and additive synthesis with a powerful modulation engine and built-in effects section.


  • Modular architecture with up to: 4 oscillators, 4 dedicated FM oscillators, 4 filters (19 types), 4 VCA/pan, comb filters, wave-shapers, ring-modulators, noise-generators for each voice -- 24 audio modules, 28 modulation sources, thousands of parameters to tweak; accessible via an intuitive user interface.
  • Drag and drop circuit building.
  • 4 syncable Multi-Stage envelopes/step-sequencers.
  • 4 ADSR envelopes, 4 LFOs per voice.
  • Play-modes: polyphonic, single trigger, legato modes and arpeggiator/step sequencer.
  • Spectral Editor: Unlimited number of Waveforms (including additive synthesis).
  • Flexible Modulation Matrix.
  • 16 on-board Effects: ModFX (Chorus, Flanger, Phaser), Delay, Reverb, Ring-modulator, Filters, Waveshapers, Mixers.
  • 2 internal send busses and flexible effects routing.
  • Many effect parameters can be modulated.
  • 4 XY-controls, allowing for deep realtime sound morphs.
  • MIDI Learn: All knobs remotely controllable by MIDI Control Changes, also with relative/incremental controllers.
  • More than 1000 presets.

New in v2.7.2

  • UIs now have 10% scaling, from 70% to 200%.
  • The ACE UI is now clearer and has new modulation sources.
  • Diva UI was also improved for increased clarity.
  • The Zebra2 "Unempty Dark Horse" skin is now complete.
  • Bugfix for small graphics issues
  • Configuration Menu: Bazille, Zebra2, Hive, Diva, ACE and Podolski now have a configuration menu (look for the cogwheel icon).
  • Bugfix for the "Missing UI" in Logic and Studio One
  • Bugfix for a number of small issues were fixed in Logic X, Studio One, Cubase, Reaper, Digital Performer, ProTools, Maschine and Kore.
  • Various other improvements, bugfix for hanging and dropped notes, improved MIDI timing, new FX parameters and much more.

New in v2.7.1

  • GUI-resize now 70% to 200% in 10% steps
  • Drag & drop matrix and X/Y target assignment
  • Various bugfixes

New in v2.7 rev 2228

  • Bugfix for missing Sync button.
  • Bugfix for permissions issue by reworking Mac Installers
  • Bugfix for AAX (autosave) crash bug
  • Bugfix for possible crash in VST.
  • Bugfix for automation-stops-when-editor-opens bug in Live/Bitwig.
  • Changed initial open/close laws for preset folder.

New in v2.6

  • New installer
  • Added 2 more ModMappers
  • Added 2 more ModMixers
  • XMF filter available in the FX grid

Changes in v2.5.4

  • Bugfix for hanging notes while switching presets.
  • Bugfix for mono/left/right modes.
  • Ready for Mountain Lion.
  • Symbolic links no longer create endless loops.
  • BigFix for microtuning (.TUN) file related crash.
  • Various other bugfixes.

New in v2.5.2

  • Adds "Slew" control to LFOs.
  • Removes "enter registration code" from free Zebralette plugin.
  • Improved compatibility of RTAS (Mac) version.
  • Improved compatibility with Cubase 64bit on Mac.
  • Fixes a bug that might occasionally prevent files from being saved on Mac.

New in v2.5.1

  • Adds more than 70 new factory presets by Howard Scarr.
  • Adds a bunch of Zebrify presets by Tasmodia.
  • Brand new manuals including hyperlinks and structured reference.
  • Two new spectral effects (Phase Distortion and Wrap).
  • Native 64-bit support for AU.
  • Adds Cocoa view to AU version.
  • Smooth preset-switching (no pops, hangovers).
  • Improved timing stability for swing function (affects LFOs and arpeggiator).
  • Improved synchronization of multi-stage envelopes (MSEG).
  • Lower CPU usage for RTAS (Mac) version.
  • RTAS (Mac) now supports ctrl+alt+cmd+click (“3-finger salute”) automation.
  • Improved installers now take Win7 permissions issues into account.
  • Zebralette is now freeware, with 40+ extra presets by Howard Scarr.
  • Various bugs and niggles fixed, minor GUI improvements.

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