Zulu DJ 3.31
by NCH Software
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Operating System:
File Size: 1.7 MB
Price: USD 34.99
License Conditions:

The free version does not expire but will stop supporting some of the additional features in the plus edition after 14 days.

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.3 or later

Last Updated: 2014-07-14
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Zulu virtual DJ software is the complete DJ software solution for amateur and professional DJs. Powerful features united with an easy to use interface makes mixing your favorite tracks easy. Zulu lets you mix your music live whilst applying effects on the fly.


  • Automatic beat detection
  • Synchronization between the decks
  • Cross fade between two tracks
  • Apply effects in real-time including distortion, reverb, delay and more
  • Real-time pitch and tempo control
  • Supports the formats wav, mp3, wma and more.
  • complete list of supported formats
  • AutoPlay for seamless transitions, hands-free, with optional shuffle mode
  • Record DJ mixes and save as an audio file
  • Tap your space bar to the beat to set the BPM manually, or input your own BPM value for greater control
  • Use keyboard 'Hot Keys' to control Zulu DJ Mixer
  • Use cue point markers to adjust the track starting point
  • Loop sections within a track and synchronize to the BPM
  • Preview tracks with separate output for DJ headphones
  • Can be used with any USB DJ Mixing Console

Changes in v3.31

  • Bugfix for crashes when user exit the application while recording proceeds
  • Bugfix for cursor jumping forward when increasing the loop length during playback.
  • Bugfix for playback starting slightly back cue point
  • Bugfix for playback starting slightly after cue point
  • Bugfix for crash on seeking file in ASIO
  • llib to add additional diagnostics (asserts, LDEBUG, ponter tests etc) for the bug "Crash on seeking file in ASIO".
  • Bugfix for deck and samples stop playing
  • New test plan to detect the bug "Deck and samples stop playing".
  • Bugfix for cue Marks working improperly after using Loop feature.
  • Done support for recording to mp3 and aiff
  • Bugfix for only first Cue Mark can be dragged.
  • Bugfix for cue Mark not popping on Beat points of Wave Form.
  • Done change EQ to 5 band graphic

Changes in v2.4.1

  • User Interface improvements
  • Add link to recommended hardware
  • Improved shuffle to play songs more evenly
  • Better exposure of VST and sampler
  • Improved the way cue points work
  • Removed the bookmark system in favor of improved cue point system
  • Fixed Loop size resets to 1 while you move to Cue mark
  • Fixed When user click on any deck and left click then deck sound meter is not activated
  • Fixed Play Count should not increment if track is paused and re-started
  • Fixed Exception error occurs when user drag the mouse inside the detailed waveform window after adding a particular VST plugin
  • Fixed crash when changed Pitch/Speed after adding specific VST plugin
  • Fixed When importing an m4a file, Artist and Album in playlist say "unknown"
  • Fixed Win version doesn't set loop duration properly
  • Fixed It's not possible to adjust loop properly on the fly.
  • Fixed Clicking on waveform should not have any effect on sounds but now sound makes cradles and sometimes stops
  • Fixed Volume of track drops and audio becomes muddy if Lock Pitch and Sync buttons are enabled

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