Arkaos VISUALIZER v1.6
by ArKaos
(ArKaos Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 3.32 MB
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System Requirements:

Winamp, Pentium 100, 32MB RAM, QuickTime 4.x, 20MB free HD space

Last Updated: 2003-05-07
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

The VISUALIZER, which runs on Macs and PCs, slots transparently into major MP3 players such as Sonique, Winamp™ , Windows Media Player, MusicMatch JukeBox, and RealOne™ on the PC's, SoundJam™ , Audion™ and iTunes™ on Mac OS 9.x and iTunes™ on Mac OS X, allowing users to play graphic effect videos with any .MP3, .WAV or .AIFF file.

ArKaos' sophisticated beat-matching technology synchronizes to the percussion and bass-lines of your music and integrates video-effect sequences seamlessly with your tunes.

The VISUALIZER comes with great ArKaos visual files pre-loaded, but you can download new ones every week in the User Zone section of our Web site, where multimedia designers, graphic artists and others are posting their creations for download.

If you have ArKaos VJ or ArKaos VMP, you can even create your own visual animations with your pictures and movies !

VISUALIZER 1.6 for PC's now also features a screen saver!

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hint; door colour ? ? ?

wots the door colour when ya go to install it please


Bighir hal kon


Bighir hal kon
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