capella-scan v6.1
by capella-software
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Last Updated: 2006-01-12
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Software Description

Let capella-scan transform your note sheets quickly into a ringing score that is ready for printing!

What sounds like magic has become reality: capella-scan has drawn a line
under the laborious
task of typing out notes! At last, there is now a way of transposing printed
notes and creating
part extraction from a printed score without having to type out sheet music

We are extremely proud that specialist visitors to the world's largest
music exhibition
(Frankfurt Music Exhibition 2002) declared capella-scan the best
note-recognition program!

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Capella Scan V6.1

I don`t find your description of this very clear. What software do I need to get sheet music onto my PC ,transpose it and print it? Apparantly I need more than the Capella Scan. What please and total cost? Russ

For any music scanner to be

For any music scanner to be of any use, you do need a program that can handle notation so you can then work with the scanned in music, no point in scanning it in otherwise, unless you just want to listen to it, in which case Capella can do a playback on its own. The notational program must be able to handle XML files, (Just a complicated type of midi file) that Capella puts out. Have a look round the rest of Hitsquad for XML handling notational or Midi software. Those known to me are expensive but are Finale, Sibelius, and Cubase. However it can output in straight midi which can be handled by simple free notational programs such as Anvil Studio. Just follow the link to the Capella home site for more details.

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