Corona R5.1
by discoDSP
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Operating System:
File Size: 27.3 MB
License Conditions:

Demo version, full version is available for $139

System Requirements:

VST/AU Host Application, OS X 10.5 and up

Last Updated: 2015-08-06
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Corona is a virtual wave and analog synthesizer.

Corona is a flexible synthesizer and it has great compatibility with WAV and SoundFont 2 files.

Use your Corona as a regular analog synthesizer with its analog modeled filters. Utilize your Corona to make your own unique sounds by sampling your own selection of WAV or SoundFont 2 files. It is capable of applying hundreds of classic wave forms, from triangle to sine to parabola and anything in between.

With the 14 oscillator modes (10 for Phase and 14 for DeTune) that you can use with the Corona, you can dial in a wide variety of sounds. It has 3 ADSRs, 3 LFOs and 8 destination matrix modulations. It also has effects like limiter, unison, chorus and delay.

New in R5.1

  • New default bank by Dominique Huchet aka tinga.
  • New Tuning Lock button.
  • Bugfix for multiple Dark Theme GUI glitches.
  • Bugfix for Arpeggiator on/off buttons with 150% / 200% GUI sizes.
  • Delay now mutes on All Sound Off MIDI message.

New in R4.7

  • New RC (Analog Style) envelope curve
  • Bugfix for Vibrato Depth values
  • Mod Matrix Envelope Speed behaves correctly with modulation wheel.

New in R4.6

  • New portamento modes: exp 99% / exp 1 cent / linear oct / glissando types.
  • New arpeggiator glide mode. Ctrl+Click arp numbers to switch it.
  • New tuning menu. Individual tuning of each octave note is now possible
  • Minor GUI improvements.

New in R4.5

  • New Low Pass filter types: LP 6 / 18 .
  • New special 6 to 16 stages Phaser filter: PH 6 / 8 / 12 / 16.
  • New fader bitmaps.

New in R4.4

  • New Modulation destination: Envelope Speed. Sets envelope ADSR times.
  • Bugfix for Arpeggiator sustain pedal behavior.
  • Free update for users at discoDSP Members Area.

New in R4.3

  • New 7 Distortion types: overdrive, foldback, clip, asymmetric, scream, quantize and sample & hold.
  • New knobs.
  • Performance optimizations.
  • Manual revision.

Corona R4.3 Video Demo:

New in R4.2

  • New discoDSP logo.
  • Filter and Modulation LFO fade-in buttons.
  • Documented Arp M1 and M2 sending MIDI CC 22 and 23.
  • Vibrato depth background gradient.
  • Arpeggiator lock button.
  • Corrected OSC 2 Level gradient background and label alignment.

New in R4

  • Zero-delay filter mode
  • Second filter with Envelope and LFO.
  • Asym3 filter shape
  • Chorus and Limiter parameters.
  • M1 and M2 arpeggiator modulation sources.
  • Fine-tuned factory bank.

New in R2.3

  • Wave not found warning message.
  • Additional filter shapes: Quantize and Asymmetric quantize.
  • MIDI Program Change supported.
  • Out of voices signal indicator

New in R2.2

  • New oscillator combinations: Bitwise rotation and Modular addition.
  • Additional filter shapes: Quantize and Asymmetric quantize.

New in R2.1

  • The modulation destination range of its modulation matrix filter envelope was corrected.
  • Additional free wave extension downloadable for members at the members area.
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