Discovery R4.1
by discoDSP
(discoDSP Website)

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File Size: 23 MB
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Demo version cannot store current state, save banks or presets and use automation. Lifetime free updates for registered users. Registration: US$119.00

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Last Updated: 2014-05-14
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Discovery is a virtual analog synthesizer emulation featuring multi-layering, a morphing engine, high quality sound, and a simple interface.


  • 128 Patch Memories.
  • Bank browser (by clicking arrows in display LED).
  • More than 2.500 presets in 26 banks (with a dedicated percussion one).
  • Nord Lead 2 and 2X patch import.
  • 4 Layers per Patch.
  • Layer Morphing.
  • 32 Voice Polyphony (One voice used per triggered layer).
  • 2 Oscillators (Sine, Saw, Tri, PWM, Square, Noise) with Ring modulation, sync and anti-aliased Frequency Modulation.
  • Resonant Filters (HP, LP12, LP24, BP, NP+L, HP12, Formant, 8 taps phaser).
  • ADSR for Amp & Filter.
  • 2 LFOs.
  • AD Mod Envelope.
  • Arpeggiator.
  • Built-in Chorus, Phaser , Panning and Delay effects.
  • Symmetric, Asymmetric and Asymmetric 2 Distortion Modes.
  • Portamento.
  • Poly/Mono/Legato modes.
  • MIDI CC control.
  • MIDI Out (hosts are able of doing MIDI learn).

New in Release 4.1

  • 64-bit VST support.
  • New Nord Lead 2 style Zero-feedback delay filters
  • Simpler dialog boxes descriptions.
  • Streamlined Morph knob display.
  • Export/Import point to better folder locations.
  • Added Buy links to EDIT menu on Demo version.
  • Reworked and streamlined EDIT menu.
  • FX Bypass moved to main EDIT menu position.
  • Fixed Import/Export file paths.
  • High contrast drop down menus.
  • Discovery data location placed at ~/discoDSP/Discovery/.
  • New selected item EDIT menu background color.
  • Instant refresh in Bank Browser for new FXB fles.
  • Better preset renaming dialog box.
  • Menu font replaced to FreeSans.
  • Sound engine fixes.
  • Manual revision.

New in Release 3.3

  • 64 bit VST
  • New selected item EDIT menu background color.
  • Instant refresh in Bank Browser for new FXB files.
  • Better preset renaming dialog box.
  • Manual revision.

New in Release 3.2

  • Sound engine bugfixes.
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