Dominus VSTi 1.2
by TheCoreStylerz
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System Requirements:

Windows xp, Vista, 7 or 8. (32 or 64 bit) Dual core processor supporting SSE2 1gb or ram

Last Updated: 2014-06-20
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Software Description

Dominus is a virtual analog synthesizer designed for generating fat and nasty sounds.

This synthesizer is extremely flexible; could run Unison up to 4 voices and Poly up to 32 voices per channel. A built-in spread technology allow non-linear detuning of oscillators sounding four per oscillator; SuperSaw's possible!

Dominus is simple looking, simple to learn but incredibly deep. The novice producers will find it simple to learn and explore while PRO's get lost in a full immersion of complex sound generation! A routing matrix allow to modulate everything inside the plugin from internal free sources or MIDI inputs. Dominus can modulate up to 12 parameters inside it's routing matrix. Dominus arpeggiator, fully controllable step by step like a sequencer, allow to create complex melodies and riffs in seconds.

Dominus has been designed with modern dance, trance, techno and hard dance producers in mind. The non-linear detuning generates fat and full of harmonics sounds, similar to supersaw devices as Roland JP-8000.
Combinating the richness of sound of non-linear technology, the flexibility of the routing matrix, the poly or unison mode and the arpeggiator Dominus has all the cards for creating Super FAT sounds, full of harmonics leads, powerful basses, Supersaw Pads, Plucks, Kicks, Loops and chords seqeunces.

Dominus is a pure Virtual Analog synthesizer. It's designed as common VA synthesizer, but it isn't inspired by any existent Analog device.



3 oscillators with Sine, Saw, Triangle, Square and white noise waves.
Oscillators hard-sync.
Non-linear detuning (spread) for oscillator 1 and 2 sounding 4 per oscillator.
Octaves, Semi and fine tuning.
Independent volume control on each oscillator.
Independent filter bus on each oscillator.
Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) for square waves on each oscillator.
Noise independent oscillator on oscillator 3.
"Grunge" built-in FM-like modulator for oscillators 2 and 3.
Bypass for each oscillator.


Frequencies cut-off, resonance and keytrack control.
6 filter type : Lowpass, Highpass, Notch, Bandpass, Comb, Analog Lowpass.
Filter bypass.
Free routing to filter envelope, LFO or both.
Custom ADSR envelope with curve controller.
Step wave LFO with custom wave design display.
Free or Tempo mode LFO with host sync.
Smooth wave control.
LFO wave save and load.

Free envelopes

2 free ADSR free envelopes.
Completely routable from modulation matrix.
Amount control from negative to positive.

Free LFOs

2 free LFO.
Completely routable from modulation matrix.
5 waves type : sine, saw, triangle, square and noise.
Speed control.
Amount control.


Full octave step-sequencer like arpeggiator.
Full control over tempo.
Full control of steps from 1 to 16.
Click and edit notation interface.
Mode selection : Up, Down, Up-down, Random.
Tempo and host synced.
Built with Ruby Language scripting.


Stereo chorus.
3 bands equalizer.
Built-in Autopan.
Simple distortion.
Built-in Stereo-delay.

Routing Matrix

12 matrix parameters.
Completely configurable sources and targets.
Amount control on each parameter.
Sources from Free LFOs, Free Envelopes, OSC and many more.
Sources from MIDI Control changes.


Poly mode from 1 up to 32 voices.
Portamento for 1 voice mode.
Unison mode from 1 up to 4 voices.
Unison detune.
Master AHDSR.
Stereo clipping.
Volume control.


Support for MIDI CC on routing matrix.
Support for Aftertouch, velocity and pitchbend sources.
Setup for custom MIDI CC settings.

Preset management

Load and Save single presets.
Load and save single banks.
Rename patches.
All data is written inside the preset.

Stand-Alone executable

Full bidirectional support of bank and patches from both versions.
Midi and audio setup.

Changes in v1.2

  • Better filters with improved resonance (LP, HP, BP, NT).
  • Support for Skins.
  • 32 steps arpeggiator.
  • Arpeggiator follower animation.
  • Smart disable routing matrix parameters with single click.
  • New font and colours.
  • Bigger labels with new titles and trimmed display values to cents (0.00).
  • New logo and icons.
  • Compressed standalone .exe.
  • Changed spread parameter to spread phase.
  • Portamento slider shown also when not required.
  • Unison detune and pitch correction.
  • Unison 1 voice mode removed.
  • Bugix for an issue with some parameters of routing matrix.
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