Forte v3.2.20
by Brainspawn
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License Conditions:

Performer Edition Registration: US$149.95 or Producer Edition Registration: US$499.95

System Requirements:

Minimum 1.5GHz, Multiple cores supported 1GB, DXi or VSTi soft-synth, Windows compatible MIDI input port, Windows ASIO or WDM compliant audio output device, 1024x768 resolution

Last Updated: 2014-07-28
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Forte 2 is a live performance workstation for virtual instruments, offering more control and convenience than a traditional rack of hardware sound modules. forte is optimized for the stage, with low latency audio, vast MIDI routing capabilities, and unique live performance features.


  • Low Latency Multiple Instrument Hosting: Play up to 32 virtual instruments live with mixing and routing to multiple audio outputs.
  • Intuitive User Interface: If you've seen a rack of hardware sound modules, forte will look familiar to you
  • Performance Automation: Recall virtual instruments settings and MIDI routing instantly with remote controlled "Scenes".
  • Advanced MIDI Routing and Filtering:
    - Flexible MIDI routing and filtering. Map any MIDI channel to one or more other channels, with each 'map' containing unique filtering and CC routing settings.
    - MIDI control of audio effect plugins.
    - MIDI Clock tempo synchronization.
    - MIDI output from plugins is available as a virtual MIDI input to other plugins.

  • Audio Effects: Add audio effects to audio inputs, instruments or audio buss outputs. MIDI control of effect parameters.
  • Audio Thru: Using the brainspawn Audio Input plugin, process live audio input through audio effects with very low latency.
  • Virtual Set List: Configurable SceneView displays the set of upcoming Songs/Scenes in large font, multiple line Scene descriptions for storing notes per-Scene, and can display a custom background picture per-Scene, allowing elaborate 'cheat' sheets to be displayed per-Scene.
  • No-Touch Features: auto-start on boot up, auto-recovery, remote control, SceneView and other features eliminate the need to use the keyboard and mouse during performance.
  • Control Surface Support: Control your performance with Frontier Design TranzPort or Mackie Control. Even define your own control surfaces for powerful customizations.
  • Easily Adapt to Changing Hardware: A powerful wizard helps you load a rack on different hardware when your rig changes.

Forte 2 is available in two editions:

  • Performer Edition provides everything you need to play VST instruments on stage.
  • Producer Edition provides additional features to enable moving between multiple computers and different hardware setups. Producer Edition includes EHCo for MIDI output and a site license for multi-computer installation.

New in v3.2.20

  • New OPTIONS.INI option for creating custom set order index starting point.
  • Automatic condense of set item name in main console window for strings that are too long.
  • Bugfix for problem where Forte UI jumped in front of SceneView on scene change.
  • Bugfix for MIDI filters in existing scenes when importing new scenes into a rack file.
  • Bugfix for Frontier Tranzport scene display on.

New in v2.2.6

  • Fixed the "global" behavior of plugin disconnect scene command.
  • Show scenes in order in rack editor.
  • Fixed MIDI input for Spectrasonics Omnisphere and some other VST 2.4 plugins.
  • Reduced the verbosity of the rack load process if running Forte in an Remote Desktop session - speeds up rack load.
  • Resizable and Maximizable Plugin Manager.
  • Fixed problem with crash when trying to initialize a non-existent VST plugin DLL.
  • Fixed crash on exit with VMI instruments.
  • Added instrument channel mute to instruments in the rack editor.
  • Added a "full rescan" option to the plugin manager (clear and rescan). Renamed the existing plugin manager scan to "Quick Scan".
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