radiaL v1.35
by Cycling '74
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Operating System:
File Size: 18 MB
License Conditions:

RadiaL works as a fully functional demo for 30 days. It then requires an authorization.

System Requirements:

A PowerPC MacOS computer with OS X 10.2 or later, At least 128 MB of RAM.
300 MHz G3 minimum processor recommended.

Last Updated: 2005-07-18
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

radiaL is a loop-based performance software with a beautiful and unique interface thoughtfully optimized for playing live or composing and designing in the moment.

radiaL is based on loop channels represented by circular displays, each with its own performable multi-filter and pitch shifting/time scaling. Almost every aspect of the system can be configured for live performance, studio recording, or sound exploration, controlled from a variety of sources (control surfaces, MIDI, keyboard or mouse).

RadiaL features complete multi-channel audio I/O support, audio and effects routing, and support for VST plug-ins.

  1. Master Control

    • Dynamically set the number of Loop channels, effects processors,
      and Virtual Outputs
    • Dynamic interchange of loops and DSP effects
    • Record direct to disk record on the fly with no interruption of the performance
    • Simple high-level control interface
    • Sample-accurate playback and sync
    • Master BPM control with tap tempo and external sync support

  2. Loop Channel

    • Sample-accurate adjustable playback speed for each loop channel
    • Individual tuning controls for pitch correction, transposition,
      or extreme granulation effects
    • Unique "gauge" radiaL Loop display with sweep and position controls
    • Linear Channel inspector for low-level control

  3. Channel Filters

    • Create the filter you want by shaping the frequency response directly
    • High and Low-pass filters always enabled at each end
    • As many peak and notch EQ nodes dynamically created as you need

  4. Flexible Bus Send Routing

    • Independent main and monitor controls lets you preview channels
      during performance
    • Additional Virtual Outputs can be routed freely to physical audio
      outputs with support for up to 512 channels
    • Matrix audio routing allows effects and busses to feed back into
      Loop channel inputs and sends, allowing arbitrarily complex audio
    • Built-in saturation control and limiter
    • Audio I/O support includes VST, ASIO, ReWire, and Direct Connect

  5. System Monitor

    • Displays CPU and memory availability

  6. Audio Effects

    • Thirteen carefully picked pluggo plug-ins are included, plus the
      new tempo-synchronized filter/delay plug-in dlaye
    • VST plug-in support with unprecedented routing.

  7. Channel Inspector

    • Low-level control over playback quantization
    • Adjust loop slicing to create swing, tempo modulation, and polyrhythmic
    • Continuous control all the way to granular synthesis and back
    • Fine control of offsets, reverse playback, and more

  8. Matrix Mixer

    • Effects outputs can be mixed to any output or effect, including
    • Layering, chaining, and complex systems are possible with automatic
      feedback suppression

  9. External MIDI control

    • Device control templates make it easy to use MIDI controllers
      with radiaL
    • Configure your computer keyboard and mouse as controllers
    • Support for any InputSprockets-compatible device, from wireless
      mice and trackballs to esoteric game pads and joysticks.
    • Support for CM Labs Motormix control surface

  10. Loop Handling

    • File browser window categorizes Loops for rapid access during performance
    • Plays AIFF, WAV, MP3 and all QuickTime importable files
    • Exclusive radiaL loop collection available to all radiaL owners

What's New In Radial 1.35:

RadiaL 1.35 has replaced the original 2radiaLive VST plug-in with integrated live input functionality -- you can now configure any RadiaL loop channel to receive input from built-in audio or external input devices, record input, and process the input in ways already familiar to RadiaL users. Multiple input channels can be configured in this way and used together with RadiaL's intuitive sound shaping features to further provide a flexible and creative environment for the improvising live electronic musician.

ReWire support for OS X has also been added as of version 1.35, allowing for full ReWire integration with the other ReWire capable hosts on your computer. RadiaL 1.35 has also benefitted from a number of performance and stability related improvements.

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