Satson 1.2
by Sonimus
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System Requirements:

AU/VST host application.

Last Updated: 2012-05-30
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Software Description

Satson is a console emulator that can do saturation, stereo crosstalk, metering and trim.

Satson will help you mix faster and better. Our Satson plugin features a carefully modeled and calibrated VU meter, high quality high-pass / low-pass filters, and analog console-like saturation (including stereo crosstalk).

With Satson’s calibrated VU Meters, user can level your tracks for ideal headroom. There are two metering calibrations: 0VU:-14 dBfs or 0VU:-18 dBfs.

Satson’s Saturation is based off on two high-end analog consoles, which helps with the mixing process. The more gain is added, the more the saturation, it behaves like real analog consoles. Satson Buss’ has an optional Stereo Crosstalk feature. It helps create depth and three-dimensionality in your mixes.

New Features:

  • Added Crosstalk Options: Modern and Vintage
  • Added VU Metering: Pre and Post.
  • Improved Interface (Thanks to Miro and Scott).
  • Other bugfixes and stability enhancements.

Changes in v1.2

  • Several minor bug fixes.
  • New VU Meter valistic: added 0VU=-20dBfs.
  • Fixed problems with some hosts.
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