soundsaVR 2.0.1
by Squamish Media Group Inc.
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File Size: 701K
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Registration:US $199.00 - Output movies play sound only from 360 to 260 degrees until you enter your registration key.

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Last Updated: 2000-08-01
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Software Description

soundsaVRâ„¢ is a powerful QuickTime wired sprite editor that allows you to embed directional stereo sounds into your 1.0 or 2.0 QTVR movies in any audio file format supported by QuickTime 3 and 4. You can easily assign multiple sounds to each node, set the direction and volume of each sound individually, or make the sound ambient on selected nodes. Each node can be optionally set to auto play and sounds can be continuously looped, or looped with random length delays. Additionally, several options are available for internet streaming so output movies can be optimized for individual needs. SoundsaVR' files are exported using only the QuickTime movie file format - requiring no special plug-ins- for cross-platform playback.


  • Supports singlenode and multinode 1.0 or 2.0 QTVR panorama movies
  • Version 1.2 now supports new QT4 features: MP3 audio, and RTSP streams.
  • Provides multiple ambient and directional stereo sounds for each node
  • Cross platform QuickTime output with no other plug
  • ins necessary (QT4.03 recommended)
  • Supports "Fast Start" for internet with four loading options
  • Hours of independent sound looping with no increased file size
  • Continuous or random length delay sound looping
  • Optional automatic sound play for each node
  • Sound direction and pan angle indicators
  • Front and rear directional volume controls
  • Simple, easy to use interface
  • Multiple resizable editing windows

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