Studio Devil Virtual Tube Preamp
by Studio Devil
(Studio Devil Website)

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Price: USD 99
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Introductory price $99 (up to Dec 31, 2012), Loyalty Price $79

System Requirements:

AU/VST/RTAS host application.

Last Updated: 2012-11-22
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Virtual Tube Preamp or VTP is a plugin that emulates tube preamp behavior.

This plugin carefully simulates the effect of a class-A biased tube preamplifier. To achieve this, all the analog components including the vacuum tube and the effects of biasing resistors and capacitors, are captured down to the smallest details.

Studio Devil used the same proprietary tube circuit modeling that they employed on their popular amp modeling software. The result is a plugin designed to add natural soft limiting and improve the dynamic warmth of your tracks.


  • Discrete Vacuum Tube Preamplifier Channel
  • Basic controls include Input Drive, Output Level, Treble Rolloff, Bass Contour
  • Bias Switch to adjust tube bias levels and Invert Switch for controlling the phase of the preamplifer
  • CPU switch adjusts the modeling algorithm to balance CPU load and accuracy.
  • Overload LEDs for monitoring.
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