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Since many of you didn't see the label Warez - Cracked - Stolen Software Warning , above, and keep asking for them why don't you post your favorite joke(s) here instead and win 20 adresses of genuine warez with no pop-ups, porn, or low bandwith servers...

This is about all of you who don't care to read to the bottom of the discussion page too....

In case you didn't get it, this WAS my joke for today...

Korg M1 vintage synth just bought, need help

Any one out there who knows a good spot near Toronto to
Get some help and advice on the M1 Workstation.
I just bought a used one and it is full mostly useless
garbage and bogus crap sounds. I've managed to program
some decent piano and organ sounds but I need to know where
I can get some B3 sounds and how do hook it to my PC
for samples and downloads ect. I'm an old analogue synth,
Rock piano,organ player who wants just to use the M1 and
G.M. sound module. Thanks



One thing you can say for the M1 is that it has had many fans over the years. It was the first complete synth workstation and i'm sure there are some decent sounds in there somewhere. The thing to remember is you have bought an old synth, quite old indeed and around a time where there were some dodgy sample based synths around. I doubt that it can compete in clarity and reality these days but the good news is, there have been many people programming sounds for it for a long time...

I had a brief look and found many sites dedicated to the M1 with tutorials and tons of sounds to download.


This is a great resource for all synths so look down the page and you will find some good M1 sites


Good luck



I'm sure you can find a descent M1 manual in Toronto, for starters. If your PC has a soundcard, it should have a midi cable, remember to connect the computer midi cables at opposite directions (out -> in, in -> out). You have to enable the midi input on PC's soundcard mixer & sequencer. If you don't have a PC sequencer look at the downloa section (on your right). If you have latency problems (play something in realtime & you hear it a bit later), you'll have to change your PC's soundcard eventually. You should use a search engine for B3 sounds & maby the manual...

Korg M1 - I need help...


I have a KORG M1 synthesizer…
I changed the battery (internal)…
The synthesizer is attached to my computer via MIDI…

I need a step-by-step explanation about how to transfer the original Programs, Combinations and Sequences from my computer to Korg M1.

Vincent G.

wav2krz for mac?

I was wondering if anyone knows if there is any software like wav2krz for mac. I've been trying to use it with Virtual PC but the sound quality is terrible. Any info would be appreciated.

software for downloading files from real media server

hello guys ..

does anyone know of any software for downloading files from real media server [rtsp protocol i suppose]
.. .do help .. mail me some reply ..

Re: software for downloading files from real media server

Use Hi Download, is a software that can download from a RTSP server.
Very Good

Patch Editor for JD990

Patch Editor for JD990

This popular thread has been given its own page : Patch Editor for JD990

MP3s and WAV files skipping

I have not had problems with my MP3s or WAV files in the past, but now when I play them they skip or stutter. I thought it was Winamp but even when I went into my sound settings and sampled WAV files they had the same problem. I've also tried other MP3 players and all seem to be doing the same thing. Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone know what may be causing this? (I've tried routine disk/computer maintenance.) Thanks in advanced, Ryan

Re: MP3s and WAV files skipping

I am facing the same problem. Have you had any luck in resolving the problem ?



Uninstall & reinstall soundcard drivers & be carefull of the shareware sound related software you install...

search soft for mix 2 cd in real times

I have 3 cd-rom in my computer and i search a soft who be able to mix 2 cd in real times.
not 1 cd and 1 wave files,..... 2cd

Voice projects wanted

We final year students of BE computer Sci
want title for projects on voice applications


Sure, the internet is a crazy instable place, but it's about to get a lot worse. Anybody who'd like to know what the future holds should check this out. It's about how <A HREF="http://grc.com/dos/winxp.htm">Windows XP will f_ck up the entire internet</A>. This could be important to us computer musicians who might keep some serious work online or who would like to connect to sites like this one. Besides, it helps to know just how bad bad can get.

I have spoken

I don't understand the technical side of this...

but thanks for bringing it to peoples attention. I don't use anything of microsofts by choice and therefore don't have to worry much about common viruses and attacks as much. It's good to hear that microsoft are making more foolish mistakes with their Os which may eventually sway people into new pastures.



On this site you can read why Wintoes XP can help amateur hackers harm your PC.


<A HREF="http://www.hitsquad.com/smm/wwwboard/messages/61744.html">DIG THIS</A>

MAC / Cubase VST / Problems

I'm having a hell of a time setting up my MAC system at home. I'm pretty new to Midi so I need some advice. I have a MAC G4 and running Cubase VST. I am also using the ALESIS NanoSynth hooked up through Midisport 2x2. I can access the sounds but only the first sound from each bank. I can't get the other sounds. What's up?


We have almost identical setups although I don't know the nano synth and use Logic audio instead of Cubase.

I don't know how the banks work on the nanosynth but you have to work out your multitimbral settings. If you don't know, Multitimbral synths allow you to use more than one sound at the same time and are addressable from different Midi channels. The idea is that you have 16 different multitimbral parts and address them by midi channel. If I had a three piece band (drums/bass/piano) then I could select multitimbral part ONE as the drums, part TWO as the bass and part THREE as the piano. If I have part ONE as Midi channel one, part TWO as channel two and part THREE as midi channel three, anything midi information I would send to it on those channels will play the sound with that channel setting.

In cubase, I could record the relevant instruments by creating three midi tracks and making sure that they are sending that information out on those channels. Play the sound and anything on that midi chain that is set to that midi channel, will respond.

Again, I don't know the nano synth but most if not all multitimbral synths work in the same way.

Good luck


Score Editing Sofware

Can anybody recomend a simple score editor?
(For Windows )
Thank you

Score Editing Sofware

Can anybody recomend a simple score editor?
(For Windows )
Thank you

problem with recording

I have a Compaq Presario 5bw160 and I am using the Wave Corrector software from Ganymeade. The problem is inputing the vinyl music. My computer keeps recording through the mic that is included with my mv740 monitor. I get poor sound when I play back the wav file. I have checked just about every possible thing including some advice from Ganymeade tech. What's up?


I think you have a audio routing error. How have you plugged the record player in to your computer?? that's an important questions. You cannot plug it in directly....!

It sounds like you need to select the audio input for the application, have you read how to do this?? It appears you have the mic selected instead of the audio input where your record player is inserted (NOT directly...). This is more a windows question than an audio one and should be rectifiable by a windows user....



Re: problem with recording

Am I right in thinking that you're playing your records through a pair of speakers and recording through the microphone on your monitor? No wonder the sound is poor!!


Converting wma to mp3 on Mac

can anyone lettuce know how i can convert wma files to mp3s (or straight to audio) on a mac using toast deluxe 4.1.3??????

Converting wma to mp3 on Mac

can anyone lettuce know how i can convert wma files to mp3s (or straight to audio) on a mac using toast deluxe 4.1.3??????

bob marley

I loking for bob marley test

Re: bob marley

: I loking for bob marley test


Morpheus Problem

I downloaded the file sharing program Morpheus and it downloads fine and everything but for some reason i can't listen to a song using it b/c the program is stuck in mute. Does anyone have any ideas?

Re: Morpheus Problem

I had the same problem. I was told to install the latest version of windows media player but I allready had it so I reinstalled it and it fixed my problem. I guess morpheus player uses media player to work.

Re: Morpheus Problem

i have the exact same problem, cant figure it out.
the video player wont play videos either.. quite odd
if you find anything out, let me know please

Re: Morpheus Problem

i'll just add myself to the list i guess. :)

Re: Morpheus Problem

: i have the exact same problem, cant figure it out.
: the video player wont play videos either.. quite odd
: if you find anything out, let me know please

I've got nothing. Same problem, What the Heck?

Re: Morpheus Problem

I have a quistion for you guys! i can download a song fine, but no sound will come out! sound will come out on other programs, but just not my Morpheus! do you know what is wrong??

Re: Morpheus Problem

I just reformatted my computer and downloaded morpheus again and have the same problem, no sound - mute. Prior to the reformatting, Morpheus was working fine. I will try and figure it out and post it here...

MP3 problem again

I have a question for all the audio buffs.
I have several large mp3 files from music albums\cd's. When played in Windows Media player I get "Pins Can't Connect", when played with Winamp the program either locks or crashes.
They will play in a player called WinPlay3 v2.3. I've be told these are password protected mp3's. This audio player only plays mp3's and nothing else.
Where can one go to get the password or whatever it is that keeps them from playing in all mp3 players. There is no indication that these files are password protected or where to go to get the password.
My main aim is to convert them to wav files split them into tracks and make regular music cds.
Is this the new way of mp3s (passworded) or is this some persons way of trying to make money on their album\cd ripping.
Please note I have tried to get an answer to this before with no success.
Thanks for any help


I am having huge problems downloading this program. The download menu will not pop up, and when I click on the 'download here' tab when nothing happens, nothing happens again. If you could either perhaps email me the program as an attachment, or tell me what I am doing wrong, I would be very appreciative!


This happens...

...sometimes and it's usually a link error or a busy remote server. Trying the following day often sorts out this problem.

It's worth noting that I have just typed in "orangator download" into google (the search engine) and got bored after the offering of the demo from four different places. If you ever come across this again, try somewhere else after courteously emailing the site concerned and alerting them to an possible problem at their end...


Recording Software

I am attempting to transfer all my Records, Reel to Reel Tapes and Cassettes on to CD's.
I wish to do that through my CD-R in my computer. I am not a very literate person on the computer and will need a simple to follow software to do this task. I do not want to do a lot of edeting and enhancing. Just straight transfer of the music.
What software do you recommend?????
Thank you.
Rainer Gehres

sounds pretty literal to me...!

I assume you have a windows pc although it's worth mentioning in the future as there are quite a few mac music people around.

The general vibe is to obtain some software that will record from the audio inputs from your computer. Check out the file area on this board as there is a lot there that will suit your purpose.
The software will record what is coming into your computer from the select audio inputs and create a wave file. .wav/.aif This file can be easily burnt to a CD.

Be careful with what you plug into your audio input as it wants you to plug in a line level. This excludes the record player protocol. The best way to do this is to plug everything into a standard preamp/amp like the one most people have in their hi-fi and then select a tape output from the amp and insert that into your computer. With the software in hand, you can quickly and easily transfer anything that is routing into your amplifier onto your computer and then to CD.



does anyone have any idea how to record kareoke on cd-g or know someone to contact to advise me

Re: kareoke

: does anyone have any idea how to record kareoke on cd-g or know someone to contact to advise me

Go to mtu.com, and burningissues. They both good sites. By the way, Karaoke is how it's spelled.

Help finding general music k-5 software

I am introducing music software to a rural elementary school. Need advice on what to purchase/catalog info., etc. Will probably only have 2-3 computers they can use--would like ear training/writing education. Help?

Music Ace 2

Music ace 2 is a very popular program for mac/windows and isn't very expensive. It's based on learning music in a fun way for kids although the subject of elementary music theory is something that many people can benefit from. I think there is a demo so check it out...


Re: Music Ace 2

Music ace 2 is a very good program. the y teach us a lot about music and every thing like that and i love music ane demo


automatic volume control


Please tell me one thing:

sometimes the volume level in a wav files keep on increasing and decreasing (at some place in the wave file it may just 10% and at some place it may be 90%) is there any way that we can amplify the file in such a way so that whole file is of 90-100% volume. Normalize option just increase the sound level but it does not change the wave symmetry. I need to change the wave symmetry so that the sound level in whole file is same. Otherwise I have to keep changing my volume level. How can I do that. is there any software for this thing

Please tell me.

Navjot Singh


Proper settings on a compression plugin could help. You can set low volumed parts to be amplified to the rest of the song...
If you need to set the same volume for 2 or more songs, you'll have to use global analysis (wavelab), find the lowest average RMS power number and set the other songs to that number to avoid clipping...

i search a MME or DX or ASIO or O/I driver for logic audio plati

please help me, i buy logic audio platinium v4.7.1
and i search drivers MME, DX ASIO or O/I, If you find it for me, i upload you for free my version of logic audio.
Thanks, write me quickly


What soundcard....

Be careful as offering free commercial software is illegal and is not generaly appreciated by this forum, depite what you may have thought.

Tell people what soundcard you have and they will assist you in locating a suitable driver..


p.s. have you checked the emagic site for information??? I use the Steinberg ASIO driver for some of my audio programs that were not made by steinberg.