Fruityloops Fast snare buildup (155 bpm)

Posted by Ruan on Mon, 02/25/02 - 12:00:21.

hey there, im using fruitloops, and working at 155bmp im trying to make a dance buildup.. but i want a very fast snare build up. if i (fill all) with snares, then its still too slow, it there a way of doing this?!?! thanx ...

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Re: Fruityloops Fast snare buildup (155 bpm)

are u using the piano roll? That's the way to do it not the step sequencer. create a hit then shorten the tick and copy - u can have very closely timed hits this way.


when i setup a fruityloops song i set 64 steps and then jack the bpm up 4 times the speed of the your bpm would then become 620bpm...which would really be 155

this would give me a good amount of working space for things like buildups and rolls and such