Vocal Recording for Acid Pro 4.0

Posted by A Dub on Mon, 04/21/03 - 19:57:13.

I'm trying to find out if I can record vocals into Acid Pro with a Mic? And if this is possible, is there any extra hardware that I would need? And if it is not possible, is there another way that I can record vocals into my comp.? I am running XP and already have a good sound card as well as Sound Forge.

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Re: Vocal Recording for Acid Pro 4.0

No doubt, you CAN record vocals into Acid Pro 4.0. I've been doing it for the past year or so. In fact, I own a project studio where all my vocal work is recorded into Acid Pro 4. Although any mic will 'work', I use a Behringer B-1 which goes into a Peavey 12-track mixer (because of the phantom power requirement of the mic). From the mixer, I run line outs into the line in of my Creative Audigy MP3 soundcard. Be sure to double-click the speaker icon in the systray (bottom-right corner near the clock), then click Options> Properties> Select 'recording' then make sure your desired recording source is selected. I use line-in because of my configuration (described above). For the first few test runs, it may be a good idea for you to actually keep the recording mixer window minimized so that you can quickly make adjustments to your recording levels as you work. This should do the trick for you. If not, hit me on the e-mail...


Re: Vocal Recording for Acid Pro 4.0

Yea.. hit the record button in your Acid project (the little red round button) and that's it. Click star t to begin recording. Stop to finish and it loads the track on to the project. Don't forget to configure the mic volume (activate it) on the volume taskbar in XP (bottom rigt next to the time)

Re: Vocal Recording for Acid Pro 4.0

If it sound buzzy you may have the mic plugged into the line in OR WORSE, a line in plugged into the mic socket.

A nice trick I use on mono sources such as vocals is to open them in sound forge and use the CHANNEL CONVERTER to change it from mono->stereo using inverse phase for the right channel. Makes it sound much better.

Does anyone know of an online ACID PRO tutorial site ?

I'm trying to get everyone in our band to record their own loops at home, then give them to me on CD and I'll mix it all up. Unfortunately they're all thick as pig sh*t and are constantly ringing me up to tell them what to do......an online tutorial "recording audio in acid pro" wouldn't go amiss.


Re: Vocal Recording for Acid Pro 4.0

when i record i recieve a fuzzy noise in the vocal when i play the recording back. does anyone know how to resolve this..

Re: Vocal Recording for Acid Pro 4.0

yo when recording how do i make the vocals fit the instrumental they sound to seperate from each otha, somebody told me to put your vocals in twice one on top of each otha for a betta sound, but this just makes it to loud , what is the best volume to use and that?