FREE drums samples package + other free news !

Posted by DORU MALAIA on Mon, 05/12/03 - 16:15:30.

Because a part of you don't use Reason prog , here :

you can download a free drum sample package (point 27)! Contains 270 drum pieces (wavs) grouped in 46 directories ! The package (41 mb) has archived like rar file using WinRAR 3.20b2 and have now only 20,6 mb !
Now you can download another version of this package (compressed like rfl file) from PROPELLERHEAD site ! Here :

Or can download the same refill version from here :

And samples package version and refill version are FREE ! Free to download , free to use (excepting sale actions or re-included on other public refills or samples packages). You can use those samples how you want in your compositions !
All of those samples were recorded in CoolEdit PRO 2.0 at 44100 hz/24 bit , processed and then dithered down to 16 bit !
Visit ( DORU MALAIA WORLD) ! Here you can download 31 FREE Reason refills and FREE samples ! And in the Liks section you 'll find hundred tutorials and thousands (!) of FREE mid files , sf-2 banks , hundreds of FREE Reason refills , etc !

If you need other FREE samples or something just send me a mail at !

Enjoy my friends !


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Re: FREE drums samples package + other free news !

thanks Doru...

I've checked out your site before

it's refreshing to see someone give away samples for free.