Concertware Pro

Posted by Glenn Broadhead on Fri, 10/22/04 - 17:16:07.

Does anyone have a copy of Concertware Pro software to share? I have created many files that I would like to access, but my laptop with Concertware Pro on it won't open. These files won't open with earlier Jump software, including Concertware+ MIDI.

Concertware has been discontinued and is no longer supported by Jump Software, so I don't think this is an illegal request.


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Re: Concertware Pro

Hi Glenn,

Someone just gave me their Concertware, with no book. So i don't know much about it. It's a yellow CD and says ConcertWare, home CD, 1996. Don't suppose that would help??

By the way, don't suppose you know where i could get a manual??