Roland A880 Patchbay.

Posted by Parris on Fri, 06/18/99 - 19:17:42.

Hello! I recently bought a S/H Roland A-880 midi-patch bay which I believe is a fantastic piece of equipment. Unfortuantly. I'm a human being of average intelligence and NOT a maths genius! The manual which came with it assumes the latter and I'm stuck! Can someone currently using the Roland A-880 please contact me at my e-mail address (, and explain to me how to use the system. All I can get from it at present is a 'thru', signal so that the midi signal sent from my Korg,Roland or Yamaha synth appears on the Cubase screen. When I try to get Cubase to return the signal (i.e. attempt to play-back the piece I've recorded there is absolutely no response on any of the keyboards despite selecting the appropriate midi channel.

I'm a new-comer to all of this (just a DJ trying to remix some tracks), and I'd like a clear, concise and understandable explination of EXACTLY what needs to be plugged into where....

If someone would PLEASE be kind enough to help me out I'd be much obliged,

Thank you,


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Re: Roland A880 Patchbay.

You lucky guy! I own the A880 and don´t even have a manual. So if you got nothing to do next weekend you could send me an Email with the copied Email. Excuse me i´m a dreamer
nice day