Posted by RoadKill on Sun, 11/05/00 - 05:53:35.

HELP! Does anyone know where I can find the Roland GP-16 patch editor program? My old copy doesn't work. It was written by Hans Engell Christensen in Denmark.

Here is a description from the readme:

Asuming you are the happy owner of a ROLAND GP16 GUITAR EFFECTS PROCESSOR
you might have noticed, that editing the patches is more than awkward and
this is where the GP16 MASTER comes to rescue. This program allowes you to
edit all parameters of any patch and it lets you write your favourite set-
tings to disk and reload the settings for further editing.

This feature is also usefull, if you have created more than 128 patches thanks
to the extremely fast file loading and parameter sending routines of this

The GP16 MASTER lets you operate your effects processor by means of the mouse
and this makes it easier and more fun for you to play your guitar while editing
the selected patch.

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GP-16 Editor

I too have been looking but have had no luck, tried out MidiQuest ( does too much for my purposes, but seems to work well ) and MIDIOX ( doesn't seem to do what I want, but that could just be my lack of skill in using the software )

Am trying other programs & will post here if I find something useful


i have also searched the web for ages and found no such software. if anyone knows something about such software, pleeeeez send a link, i really need something like this. thanx

GP16 Editor and Librarian for Windows 3

I found an old copy of what was called the GP Editor and Librarian I think it is the first editor that sysquest released before they decided to include multiple editors in one package and charge a bundle for it. I'll see if it runs on Vista and 10 since I have those versions. If it does I'll place in online somewhere and link to it.


Did you find the patch editor?
If yes, please help me

This is the only link (probably you already know since years) i've found in the web but it is a private page and it's impossible to reach (it is online?)