Audio + MIDI thru USB Hub

Posted by Chrimax on Thu, 03/01/01 - 18:44:37.

I have an Audio/MIDI problem --

I run my MIDI synth through a Steinberg USB-2-MIDI
interface. I also want to be able to monitor the audio
stuff at the same time (Cubase VST 5) through my Roland
UA-30 USB Digital Audio Interface.

Thought the problem was solved with a LinkSys USB Hub
(4 USB ports). When I run the USB MIDI interface through
the hub, the signal doesn't make it to CuBase.

When I run directly to CUbase from the MIDI interface
everything works fine.

Any suggestions?

- Pentium 2, 300 MHz, 128M RAM, 10Gb HD
- Windows 2000, Cubase VST 5
- Roland UA-30 USB digital audio interface
- Steinberg USB-2-MIDI interface
- LinkSys 4:1 USB Hub