Soundforum Synth Questions

Posted by Blacklight on Mon, 05/28/01 - 16:12:04.

For anyone out there with experience with the NI's Soundforum Synth, I have a few questions. I love this synth. I sequence it well. It is easy to use.
1: Does this synth only play one sound at a time or is there a way to set several sounds to different midi channels like a real synth so that it can play several different voices at once ? The instructions are very vague on this.

2: Are there sites out there where I can download more voices for this thing ? I, being a total amature sound designer am very interested in hearing other people's sounds that they created with this thing so I can see how they are put together.

3: What would be considered the best and most stable freeware software sampler to compliment my setup ? I currently have a small studio, and I am using virtuals (at least till I get my Access Virus Indigo) to save money and also to save space in my studio. It is already filled with a equipment. *okay so it's not technically a SOundforum Synth question but I am just curious.* Are there Any good Soft Samplers that are freeware that are stable and act just like a rack mounted sampler ?

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Re: Soundforum Synth Questions

1... believe it plays only one voice at a time...
2... dunno of any such sites. might ask NI support
3... As for soft sampler, the closest proximity would be Mellosoftron... find it on this site...

Good luck

Re: Soundforum Synth Questions

Actually, you can raise the unisons as well as the voices, depending on your computer's ability.

(This is important for creating chorus, as well as reverb)

There is an option for each in the upper right corner of soundsynth, just raise the number of voices within your computer's capabilities, or else it will crash.