The People Behind the Scenes at Hitsquad

Daniel Barnett : Daniel was one of the co-founders of Hitsquad and has a background in IT and Web Development. He used to play in a band and once synced his Atari ST running Cubase to an 8 track tape recorder using his Ensoniq SQ80 keyboard. He's excited by the possibilities offered by the latest music software but now is satisfied trying to write songs on his beloved nylon string acoustic guitar. Contact Daniel

Jason Horton : One of the two co-founders of and he's the person who originally came up with the idea for Shareware Music Machine and Australian Music Charts back in 1994/1995. He complains that he doesn't have time to play music live anymore but assures us that his garage performances are absolutely brilliant. Contact Jason

Alexander Briones : A guitar player with a wooden core that does things the good old fashion way, but secretly dabbles in the forbidden realm of digital audio. Currently actively writing songs, teaching at a local church and sporadically gigs as a solo performer or as a guitar player for his artist friends.Contact Alexander