Studiologic SL-990 Pro Review

The Studiologic SL-990 Pro is an intuitive MIDI keyboard controller that is considered as one of the most playable and responsive in the market.

Studiologic SL-990 PRO

The idea behind this keyboard is to build a unit that is easy to use without compromising quality, and based on the response of its many users - Studiologic have accomplished their aim.


Instead worrying about parameters, the SL-990 Pro lets you focus on making expressive music, thanks to its simplistic interface and amazing piano-like hammer action keys.

The strength of this unit is its full size 88-key TP40GH keybed with graded hammer action keys finished in ivory. The keys give you a true piano feel and respond well to minute changes in your playing, making it a favorite among acoustic pianists.

As a testament to the quality of the keyboard, even after years of its release, many are still convinced that it is the best feeling keyboard in its price range. Some even say that it could compete with more expensive controllers, and we agree. Pianists that try it are surprised to find that it feels like a real instrument, some even say that after trying the SL-990 Pro, other keyboards seem more like toys.

To expand your expressive control over your music, the unit comes with pitch and mod wheels that are also well responsive. They can be used to vary the tonality of your synth or sax lead lines.

On the flipside, the keyboard lacks in the parameter control department, which can be a good thing for those that want little distraction to their playing. Only essential tweaking tools are provided including a program and bank change, transpose, MIDI channel change and 100 user memory locations. You can also adjust the eight zone-specific velocity curve settings to allow the keyboard to better match your playing style.

The SL-990 Pro's exterior is very sturdy and users have reported that it withstood years of use and abuse on the road. The keys, mod wheels and other controls are also very reliable. However, the unit is quite heavy and bulky, requiring more effort to carry around for regular mobile gigs.

If you are a pianist and you want a straightforward controller that feels right at home, then you should check out the Studiologic SL-990 Pro. It usually sells for about $600.

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