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Stereophonics' Stereo Liquids!

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2006 12:39 am    Post subject: Stereophonics' Stereo Liquids! Reply with quote

Javier Weyler, drummer with Stereophonics, has one of the most extraordinary stories to tell. One minute he was working as an assistant engineer at various studios across London, the next he was playing drums for Stereophonics in front of billions at Live 8!

He met Kelly and Rich from the band while working at BJG-Sahara Sound. They quickly clicked and became friends and he ended up playing some percussion on their album You Gotta Go There To Come Back. Last year he then got an unexpected call from the band to work with them on their latest album, Language, Sex, Violence. Other? “I started playing along with them and we just clicked,” he says. In fact they clicked so well that he has now become a fully paid up member of the band. “It was when we were mixing that we had a chat about it and everything came together. It has been a very natural process.”

“So this is it for me,” he says philosophically, “sitting back and enjoying it!”
And there’s been a lot to enjoy, with more in store. On top of that Live 8 appearance there have been hit singles and a massive world tour, which goes right through until the summer of 2006 including some dates with Oasis. Luckily Javier hasn’t forgotten his roots and has brought his sound engineering expertise into the Stereophonics camp maintaining the band’s strong connection with Focusrite gear.

“I'm using a pair of Focusrite Liquid Channels,’ he says. “I'm also familiar with the Red and Platinum series, which I have used in many occasions. I came across the Liquid Channel because Jim Lowe (Stereophonics’ engineer) was using it. He had one around when we did the album. Then I started looking for a preamp that I could use in all situations – in the studio, at home – and the more I researched, the Liquid Channel became the obvious choice.”

“At the moment I'm using two in the studio. The Liquid Channel is a great all-rounder as a preamp. You can flick between settings so fast that you don't have to worry about losing the vibe in the studio.”

And other advantages are many and varied: “The recall possibilities, to be able to A/B different preamps and compressors so fast, and the possibility to keep upgrading the programs through the Focusrite website. It is a box that does it all in terms of preamp and compression choices. Is so much better than carrying around several preamps, several compressors and your back is going to thank you forever!”

So, from Assistant engineer to the ultimate rock n roll lifestyle in an instant, but a good engineer never forgets his tools!

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This is a Press Release

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