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Software to extract notes/chords

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Joined: 18 Dec 2007
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 19, 2007 2:47 am    Post subject: Software to extract notes/chords Reply with quote

I need software that will take an MP3 as input and be able to output notes like a C#, an F, or a G. Just a list of the chord progression. Am I asking for the impossible? I don't need a conversion to MIDI, which is all I can find. A person can have perfect pitch right? I want to be able to know what note I hear from an MP3.

Now if several instruments are playing at once, I could use a program like SoundForge to decompose the soundwave and then feed each part into the program, so i would know that the harmony goes C, C#, F while the melody is going G, B, C, or whatever.

Please reply!
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 20, 2007 1:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Several things to consider.

An MP3 file is not the format you want to use for doing audio work. It is a stripped down, compressed version of the original with no redeeming quality except it is smaller in size and there fore more economical, transportable, yada yada.

If you can play any instrument(except drums:) then you should be able to dissect a musical arrangement with that knowledge You can isolate the key, the progression and melody, etc.

As to using Soundforge, or any audio software, to decompose an arrangement, I would like to see that in person! This is just not going to happen. I assume you have at least looked at a "wav" file in Soundforge. It is one wave that is not going to be easy to break up into tiny pieces. Now if you had the Master of the song, that would get you those individual tracks.
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 28, 2007 12:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Jersey and Brien,
maybe there's an alternative way...

but you must convert your MP3 to .wav
if sound is not to bad, as said Brien, or to complex( John Coltrane free period solo ) Wink
we could put the .wav into Usine or MAX/MSP, use stretching if file is to fast, filterbanks (for ex. a kind of 3 bands, lo,mid,hi) in order to globally split the spectrum then use pitch detection and env. follower, assign each bands to Vsti, or host instrument:you 'll be abble to record midi files with!

it works good with bass, piano/guitar riffs, melodies.
chords will give arpeggios, but very dirty...
you may find "audio to midi" patches, already realeased
but for the first time, you will need a couple of hours at least!..

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