Free Ear Training software for Producers, DJs, and Engineers

A challenging free ear training game, called Mr. Soundman, has been introduced by V-Plugs.

It is a tool for evaluating and enhancing the ability to detect frequency issues which is critical for recording, mixing and producing music. Mr. Soundman is available as a standalone application or as a VST plugin for Windows. Mr. Soundman does the training without forgetting the fun factor. Users will enjoy competing against colleagues or - other Mr. Soundman users around the world - for excellence awards and prizes.



Mr. Soundman is like an arcade game with a straightforward interface. It plays a music clip with an obvious boost somewhere along its frequency range. The objective is to identify these frequencies.

The game gets harder as each frequency is identified. The game begins with an an easy 'right answer range' of 3 octaves. However only those with gifted ears will get to the ΒΌ octave range right answers.

Fun Factor:

Users can get three awards depending on their score in ascending order: the Bronze Ear, the Silver Ear and the Golden Ear award. Each of these will grants a special prize to the user.

The serious user can also join the special competitions that will be held by Mr. Soundman from time to time, to outclass the other good sound engineers and music producers.

Mr. Soundman premium:

The premium version of Mr. Soundman is an advanced ear training solution for those who want to take audio ear training to the next level.

It has more sound sources and categories, more training sessions, and even have a hearing test. It also allows the user to upload her own music, to tweak their personal practice folder, and enhance specific aspects of her listening skills.


The basic version is freely downloadable, and the premium release costs 29 Euros.

For Additional information you can go to Mr. Soundman.

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