New Mackie SRM Series Loudspeakers

Mackie welcomes the SRM1850 subwoofer and two powered loudspeakers, the SRM550 and SRM650.

Mackie SRM650

Rated at 1600W, these new loudspeakers are the loudest in the SRM series, meant for use in big venues.

The two new full range loudspeakers feature Mackie's HD sound processor. This built-in DSP (Digital Sound Procesor) allows for various audio shaping and enhancements, most notable of which is the patented acoustic correction system that was developed by EAW for improved performance in various settings.

Thanks to the built-in processor, the speakers also feature multiple speaker modes that you can control via a single button. The modes include PA, DJ, Monitor and Soloist, each mode is EQ optimized and tweaks the speaker to better match the setup you are using. Other DSP features include feedback suppression, smart protect, digital crossover, speaker voicing and driver time align. A built-in 2 channel mixer is also provided, turning one speaker into an instant PA for small venues.

The SRM550 Loudspeaker comes with a 12" woofer, while the SRM650 has a bigger 15" woofer. They both come with a 1.4" titanium dome compression driver, with their components secured inside a rugged all-wood, internally-braced cabinet. 18-gauge steel grilles are placed in front to protect the speakers.

The SRM1850 Subwoofer also comes with its own sound processor, tweaked for providing great low frequency sounds and for easy integration with loudspeakers. A custom designed 18" LF woofer provides solid low frequency reinforcement to any rig. Like the loudspeakers, the SRM1850 Subwoofer is also secured inside a sturdy all-wood cabinet, with matching 18-gauge steel grilles. It is the ideal companion to the new SRM loudspeakers, and can also work well with other speakers.

The SRM550 is retailing for $600, while the bigger SRM650 is a bit more expensive at $700. The SRM1850 Subwoofer is currently being sold online for $900. For the complete specifications and other details, visit Mackie.

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