New Fender Passport PA Systems

Fender Audio introduces three new portable audio systems - the Passport Conference, Passport Event and Passport Venue.

Fender Passport Conference

These new PA systems feature the Passport Series' easy-operation and all-in-one design, available in different power settings and sizes to suit various needs.


At first glance you would think that these self-contained PAs are mere suitcases, but releasing the cabinet latches will reveal a fully functional audio system. They come packed with two-full range speaker cabinets, a powered mixer and the cables you need to setup your sound system.

According to the official press release: "The refreshed Passport series features upgraded power platforms, better looking and easier to navigate mixer controls, more pro features such as mono out and Bluetooth compatibility, added microphone kits and more. It has never been easier to channel Fender-quality tone and features – anytime, anywhere."

Passport Conference

This PA system is the most compact member of the trio, ideal for small events like education, worship meetings, indoor sporting, presentations, seminars, small coffeehouses and many more. It weighs in at just 30 lbs and features a 175W Class D-powered amplifier that drives two speakers. Each speaker has a 5.25" woofer and two 2.75" tweeters. Passport Conference can handle solo performers, lecture speakers and small ensembles with its five-channel mixer and XLR/1/4" mic/line inputs. Straightforward volume and tone controls are provided, and it features a 1/8" stereo input for plugging in your media player or computer, and a 1/8" stereo output for headphone monitoring and sending stereo mixes. Fender Audio Passport Conference is currently retailing for $399.99

Passport Event

This portable audio system is designed for mid-sized venues, and adds in the convenience of Bluetooth audio streaming. It has a 375W Class D power amplifier that powers two 1x8" full-range speakers that are loaded with two 1.2" tweeters. When packaged away for storage or transport, weight is measured at just 43 lbs. Passport Event has a bigger 7-channel mixer and offers more input options that include XLR, TRS mic/line inputs and a Hi-Z 1/4" input especially designed for guitars. It also has stereo 1/8" input and output jacks for playing tracks from your mobile device and for monitoring via headphones. Controls include Volume, Reverb, high EQ and Low EQ. What makes it unique from the other two new Passport series PAs is its Bluetooth connectivity, this will let you utilize the built-in Bluetooth feature of smartphones and tablets to conveniently stream audio wirelessly through the PA. Fender Audio Passport Event is currently retailing for $699.99

Passport Venue

This most powerful portable audio system of the three, designed for big venues or for events that require multiple audio inputs. The heart of this unit is a 600W Class D power amp, which powers two speakers that come loaded with a 1x10" woofer and two 1.2" tweeters. It has almost double the power compared to Passport Event, and yet weighs only 3 lbs heavier at 46 lbs. Passport Venue has a 10-channel mixer and offers the most number of input and output options of the three new PA systems, which means you can have an entire band plugged in, or mix a lecture panel with ease. The same easy to manage controls are provided, including Volume, Reverb, High EQ and Low EQ for each channel. Finally, it comes with a USB port for recording your mix directly to USB flash drives, and you can also use the USB port for playing tracks. Fender Audio Passport Venue is currently retailing for $999.99

For more information on the new Passport PA systems, visit Fender.

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