Waldorf 2-Pole Analog Filter

Waldorf announces that the new 2-Pole analog filter, which we featured as one of our NAMM 2014 top picks, is now shipping!

Waldorf 2-Pole

From standalone units to synthesizers, Waldorf's filter is already available in a variety of forms. With today's craving for convenient and compact music gear, the company decided to pack their analog filter technology in a small metal box, which incidentally matches their recent release - the Rocket Synthesizer.

The official press release says, "2-Pole is giving the guitar or bass player, the DJ, or the keyboard player access to the heart of the Waldorf sound – with an inspiring user interface with a one knob / one function philosophy."

The application for 2-Pole is quite extensive, it will let you apply dramatic filter sweeps to your instrument, samples or recorded tracks. This means that it can be as useful in the studio as it is for live performances. As a guitar player, I can hook it up to an expression pedal controller to add wah and other interesting filter effects to my guitar sound. 2-Pole also comes with an envelope follower that will apply the filters based on my playing attack, very handy for creating unique sonic textures.

Electronic musicians and Producers can also apply the same filter sweeps to their chosen instruments. They can better utilize the unit for other applications which include synths, beats, loops, and even add subtle filtering to entire tracks as they see fit. The 2-Pole's LFO will also be handy for animating pad sounds.

Key Features:
  • Fully analog signal path: Preamp › Filter › Overdrive
  • Award winning Waldorf analog multimode filter technology
  • Filter can be modulated by LFO, envelope follower or external signal
  • Preamp with overdrive capability for direct connection of instruments like bass or guitar
  • Post-filter overdrive with adjustable gain
  • LFO with different ranges, rate up to several kHz
  • Envelope follower with trigger section and different modes
  • True Bypass
  • Cascadable to stereo (for two 2-pole units)
  • Input Gain with level LED
  • Rectify pot for mixing-in the rectified input signal
  • Filter Cutoff pot
  • Filter Resonance pot
  • Bipolar Filter Env Mod pot
  • Filter Type switch
  • Overdrive pot
  • Activation switch
  • Output Level pot
  • LFO Range switch with 3 positions
  • LFO Rate pot with LED
  • LFO Mod Depth pot
  • Trigger Button with LED
  • Trigger Threshold pot
  • Trigger Hold pot
  • Envelope Follower Source switch with 3 positions
  • Envelope Follower Attack pot
  • Envelope Follower Decay pot
  • Audio In
  • Audio Out
  • Cutoff CV In
  • Envelope Follower CV In
  • Trigger In
  • Power DC 12V

Waldorf 2-Pole is now shipping with a list price of €193. Head over to Waldorf Music for more information.

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