Blue Cat's MB Dynamix Pack updated

A new version of Blue Cat Audio's multiband processing plug-ins bundle has been released, the Blue Cat's MB Dynamix Pack.

This new update adds in a new plugin: a dual channel version of the Blue Cat's MB-7 Mixer. It also includes several improvements for itsl plug-ins, resulting to better performance and streamlined multiband side chaining capabilities.

MB Dynamix Pack

This bundle is made up of two products with interaction capabilities:

First is the Blue Cat's MB-7 Mixer which can split the signal into several frequency bands and allows the user to mix them like were separate tracks. The plug-in also allows for linking and grouping options within a single or multiple instance, on multiple tracks. The possible applications are mixing, mastering or even audio restoration. The new dual channel update have separate controls for Left / Right or Mid / Side channels, giving the user the ability to do a full re-mix of the stereo field.

The other plugin is the Blue Cat's MB-5 Dynamix. It is a multiband dynamics processor which can also act as a limiter, multiband compressor, gate, expander, waveshaper, or all of them at once, allowing up to 5 separate bands. Its internal side chaining capabilities give users the ability to use creative interactions between audio channels or spectral bands.

The two plugins interact with each other to create a multitude of multiband side chain effects. This update further enhances the mixing capabilities.

The plug-ins are available for purchase together or separately, it is also included within several bundles on the editor's website. For existing customers, the update is free.

Demo versions of the plug-ins are available at

What's new for both plug-ins:

  • Able to customize output data rate (MIDI CC or automation), from 20 to 500 Hz.
  • Default output data rate is increased (from 20 to 50 Hz)
  • Windows: enhanced settings dialog loading time.
  • Mac: global user interface efficiency and performance improvement (up to 20% lighter on cpu).

List price is $339

This is an update to the news write up for the Blue Cat's MB Dynamix Pack.

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