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MIDI Utilities - Assorted MIDI software for manipulating and handling MIDI files. This may include general management software, event editors and players specifically designed for playing MIDI. MIDI controllers, converters, patch editors, and sequencers are found in their respective categories.



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accuLAG 1.2

accuLAG is a Master Midi Beat Clock Generator that features a unique “Lag Slider” to dig your own Groove

MainStage 3.2.2

Take your Mac on stage and use it as a live performance full screen interface with a collection of plug-ins, sounds and hardware control. [Host]


midiBug is an app that lets you manually bug the midi stream of your Mac to create unique sounds.

midiPLY v1.1

midiPLY modifies MIDI in real-time, it multiplies incoming MIDI notes and overrides tracks that are synced.

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