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MIDI Sequencers - Here you will find a collection of MIDI Sequencing software that can record and playback MIDI data in such a way to control the performance of MIDI controlled musical instruments or devices in a series of timed steps. Programs in this section range from basic sequencers to extensive applications with a wealth of features. Look in the Production Suite category if you want built-in synthesizers and drum machines with your sequencing suite.



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iSequence 2.6

8-track sequencer for iPad

Cubasis 1.6

Cubasis is a multitouch sequencer app for the iPad

NodeBeat v2.0.3

NodeBeat is a music synthesizer with a unique and intuitive touch screen interface.

Genome MIDI Sequencer 1.1.1

Genome MIDI sequencer is a pattern-based MIDI sequencer for the iPad.

iSequence 1.61

Mobile music production environment with sequencer and 110 instruments

EnergyXT for iOS 1.3

EnergyXT for iOS will let you work, create and record your ideas on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

SongCatcher 1.3

SongCatcher is the first Digital Audio Workstation for your iPhone or iPod Touch - and it runs on iPad as well.

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