2-2-SiX v1.01
by Starplugs
(Starplugs Website)

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File Size: 2.9 MB
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Registration: €49.99

System Requirements:

VST-application (sequencer or audio software)

Last Updated: 2006-03-01
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Software Description

The Problem: You have a stereo track and it has to be converted to 5.1. You can spend a lot of time to add surround reverbs to your stereo master, but it will never fit and you will never get a satisfying result, because all you do is "torture" your old mix. The 2-2-SiX doesn´t add phasers, reverbs or delays to your Stereo signal. 2-2-SiX recalculates existing room informations from stereo to 5.1, the base stereo signal will be untouched.

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I jus downloaded this...I got file in dll.Where do i place it...or how do i install it...Plz help

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