AIRMIX Pro v11.10.1.2623
by SBZ systems
(SBZ systems Website)

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File Size: 3.44 MB
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System Requirements:

400mhz, 32MB RAM

Last Updated: 2007-04-21
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Software Description

AIRMIX is optimised for radio stations, hotels, supermarkets and home use. It is a program that manipulates music and commercials using mixes, perfectly. AIRMIX is the best solution for places that request continuous music. It can play any kind of WAV and MP3 audio file and mix in real time music, commercials and jingles.


  • Real time mixes between songs
  • The 1st commercial can mixed with previous song
  • Lifetime music/commercials/jingles programmable
  • AIRMIX keeps history of executed program FOREVER!
  • Commercials NEVER cut music. Songs played as it is. AIRMIX makes all necessary calculations.
  • AIRMIX can use it for LIVE program from your music producers. So you don't need decks, cd, turntables etc. just ONLY AIRMIX!
  • AIRMIX includes unlimited timers. There are very useful when you need to enable or disable music program. (Ex: you play from 23:00 to 7:00 with AIRMIX and 7:00 to 23:00 with your music producers using only auto/manual commercial's capability)
  • Normalize capability
  • Import MP3 files with their ready to use data (ex: song title, artist, cd title etc.)
  • Work's perfect with any audio extractor/ripper and you don't have to copy audio files etc. AIRMIX does everything automatic!
  • Supports 2 sound cards for full monitor capability. When AIRMIX playing you can, simultaneously, import/hear/monitor any track you want.
  • Jingles played only in the beginning of songs
  • 10 jingle real time keys on keyboard and unlimited sets
  • Function keys for the most important procedures
  • Live broadcast (relay) manipulation
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