ASIOSigGen v2.18
by George W. Taylor
(George W. Taylor Website)

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System Requirements:

Only for sound cards that have an ASIO driver (most professional sound cards).

Last Updated: 2007-01-25
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Software Description

Generates sine wave signals of the highest precision, in the full range of 10 Hz to 22050 Hz, at attenuation values from 0 to 60 dB, as well as pink noise. The selectable musical notes are calculated to a precision rounded up to 11 decimal places, becoming a precise standard reference for the modern Even Tempered Scale to which you can calibrate your equipment and musical instruments.

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ASIO cann't run

Unzip ASIOSigGen.
When start: Can't interface ASIO driver, exiting!

That's it!

Re: ASIO cann't run

You simply did not have an ASIO device installed, that's all. ASIOSigGen creates a very useful debug log in the folder where it resides that will tell you exactly what is going on. In any event, there has been an update since you last tried it.

ASIOSigGen is currently used by thousands around the world with no problems. However, if you should ever run into a problem, it would be more constructive to simply contact the author of the software rather than leaving misleading comments.

- Author of ASIOSigGen

music composition

fantastic to allow us to use free software, especially in south africa

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