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Last Updated: 2014-03-03
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Software Description

A linux distribution designed for Audio/Video Production.

This release balances the rock-solid reliability of Debian's stable 'Squeeze' release and fortifies it with some carefully selected Sid and Custom packages to make it a state-of-the-art Multimedia Content Creation Powerhouse. This release will usher in a less frequent annual release cycle and shift the focus from Linux Audio/Video software testing to reliable Linux Audio/Video PRODUCTION. If you are someone who'd rather create content than experiment with alpha/beta software then this release is for you.

It is no secret that there are numerous excellent Multimedia-focused Linux distributions available, all of them are unique in some way and have a particular area of focus. AV Linux is no different in this regard and for the sake of clarification and comparison I'd like to outline what the principles behind AV Linux are since there occasionally seems to be some misunderstanding.

First and foremost AV Linux has the main thrust of development put into the ISO image and is intended to provide a full A/V Workstation OS right from the ISO itself, if the end-user had no internet connection at all AV Linux would still be quite capable of creating their Multimedia content, if Debian Linux was to close it's doors the day AV Linux was released it would continue to be a viable OS for quite some time given the unparalled development environment it provides on the ISO.

Main Features:

  • Kernel with IRQ Threading/rtirq-init activated, this Kernel is what Linux Audio users have been waiting years for! NOTE: Although the stock Kernel is non Liquorix, AV Linux still contains the Liquorix repositories for users who prefer them
  • Complete full-featured Desktop package selection including LibreOffice 3.4
  • JACK1 0.120.2
  • RTC (Real Time Clock) permissions set by default on the LiveDVD
  • FFADO SVN Firewire drivers with daisy-chaining on the new Juju Stack.
  • AV Linux comes ready for pcm_multi multiple ice1712 soundcards (ie M-Audio1010LT).
  • Full support for compiling and running Ardour 2.X, ArdourVST, Ardour 3.0, and Ardour Mixbus. NOTE: AV Linux is a recommended platform for Harrison Mixbus and the website is a Mixbus Store affiliate.
  • Jack Session ready Ardour, Qtractor, Bristol, Specimen, and more to come.
  • LV2 plugin support with existing slv2 and newer lilv libraries.
  • Unparalled default development environment with Compiling, Source Code Acquisition and Packaging Tools.
  • Four major Linux NLE Video Editors on one LiveDVD! (Openshot 1.31, Kdenlive 0.8, LiVES 1.43, and Cinelerra 2.1.5CV)
  • New GRUB2 based Remastersys Installer that now allows for installation of other locales
  • New complete packaging for all Commercial Demos and Non-Debian stuff so it can now easily be removed with Synaptic
  • New AV Linux Control Panel with many improvements suggested by users
  • GRUB SGFXI mode for much more streamlined proprietary nVidia/ATi graphics installs
  • ATi Modesetting disabled on the LiveDVD for more reliable booting on systems with certain ATi Graphics cards
  • Expanded User Manual
  • Better default filetype detection for common filetypes (ie Desktop Manual automatically opens with Evince)
  • Full PVR Support for Hauppauge WinTV PVR Capture Cards
  • OOTB 'Media Keys' keybinding support with both Openbox and Compiz
  • Linuxsampler with GIG, SF2, SFZ Support and Fantasia frontend
  • Wine, Java and Multimedia Codecs all ready to go

Related Music Production Equipment:
Comprehensive USB Audio Interface roundup

Main Changes in v6.0.3

  • Steam *not being maintained for AV Linux YMMV!
  • Qmidictl 0.1.1
  • linuxDSP AF-210 EQ LV2 Demo
  • Grub Customizer 4.0.3
  • Timemachine 0.3.3
  • Gmidimonitor 3.6+GIT
  • GTK RecordmyDesktop
  • Alternate Ardour launch scripts for special cases: (Netbook sized screens, Buggy Video Drivers) *Full info in release notes
  • Various other enhancements and bugfixes

Main Changes in v6.0

  • Updated Remastersys GUI/Installer
  • Final release of AV Linux
  • Update Kernel to 3.0.36
  • Update to Xorg from Squeeze backports
  • Better dependancy-based booting
  • New Control Panel
  • Added New Hydrogen Drumkits
  • Added Nitrogen
  • Various other changes are available from remastersys website

Changes in v1.2

  • Numerous multimedia program updates
  • Updated to ffmpeg 0.7.11 and related support libs
  • Move to Kernel 3.0.16 with USB duplex fix
  • Incorporate new Kernel repository in Software Sources
  • Supply 'performance' CPU defaults for AC and 'ondemand' defaults for Laptops running on battery.
  • Supply M-Audio Fast Track Pro module config in /etc/modprobe.d
  • 'About AV Linux' now shows version number
  • Supply complete Blappleness-AV dark theme
  • Removed Goobox and Gnome Audio
  • Replaced GPicview with gThumb
  • Replaced JSampler Fantasia with QSamplerCVS
  • Supply modified faenza icon hybrid theme for use with dark theme
  • Complete new 'Tube' theme and menu button
  • Moved menu buttons to /usr/share/icons/Menu-Buttons
  • Added more WinFF HD Editing presets
  • Added 'youtube-dl' script
  • Added danboid's 'makesfz' script
  • Added 'recordscreen' python script for screen capture - run it within it's folder with 'python ./recordscreen.py'
  • Added 'DV-Grab' launcher, simply plug in your firewire DV camera and quick capture with ffplay preview monitoring.
  • Added Whysynth DSSI
  • Supply improved 'linuxvst-plugin-pack' for use with Ardour 3 and other Sequencers

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"if the end-user had no internet connection at all AV Linux would still be quite capable of creating their Multimedia content"

-Great feature!

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