Absolute Bosendorfer Piano v3.0
by Elektronikko LLC
(Elektronikko LLC Website)

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VSTi host application.

Last Updated: 2007-03-16
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

This piano has been sampled from a huge Bosendörfer 280.

Key Features

  • Optimization : even if the Absolute Piano is small, if you compare to its competitors, it is based on a very optimized high quality sound bank and it sounds fantastic. Yes, small can be better ... sometime.
  • Creativity : the Absolute Piano features a sound sculpture filter specifically designed for it, that is in fact a 3 bands powerful shelving filter tuned to 'sculpt' the piano timber. You can create warm or old piano, ragtime or classical sound easily.
  • Effects : in every plug-in you have a set of effects, but, the Absolute Piano has specific ones, designed only for this piano. The reverberator is warm, very powerful and will not add any ringing resonance. The chorus will greatly emulate the piano bar style, and the peak boost will add an incredible punch in the piano attack, while compressing and limiting at the same time! Great for rock and pop styles...the multi-tap echo can be sync to the tempo.
  • Midifiles : this piano is also the ideal tool to play your own midi files, or the piano rolls you can find on the web. With its integrated midi file player, you can use it as a stand alone piano player, to learn or just record the midi to wav file!
  • Background : the Absolute piano is a real simulator, and you can add pre-recorded hi-quality background sounds, from restaurant, or concert ambience to weird forest, thunder, sea, mountain wind, snow! Fun to play it is a must for adding some emotions while you play, try it, you'll re-discover your favorite pieces!
  • Synthesis : with its very high quality filter, low pass, high pass, band pass, and notch, with a constant gain and saturation, resonance and self oscillation, and also the volume envelope, you have access to the real synthesizers endless possibilities.

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Not shareware

It's a demo, not shareware.

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