Aldan Librarian for Korg M50(M3) v1.0.15
by Aldan Muse Tools
(Aldan Muse Tools Website)
Owned by user Yatrix

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Last Updated: 2011-05-13
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Software Description

The Aldan Librarian is a special software for Korg M50 and M3 synthesizers. The software was designed to compensate certain lack of space and maneuverability that owners of Korg M50 and Korg M3 may experience while managing patches using build-in functions of the synthesizers and/or the software provided by Korg.

With the help of this software you can easily modify the content of Korg’s PCG files on your PC. Using this software it takes few minutes to reorganise sounds in your synthesizer when preparing for a gig, you can create consistent library of all sounds available for your synthesizer and extract set of favorite sounds for current activity. The Aldan Librarian is a “must-have” application for live and studio musicians.

The software allows to rename, move, copy from file to file any of your Programs, Combinations, Drum Kits, Arpeggios and Categories. What is extremely important, the application provides Master file functionality and consistency control when manipulating with Combinations and Programs. That is unique solution for these synthesizers.

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