All My MP3s v1.81
by Alex Tonello

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Last Updated: 2001-03-01
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Software Description

All My MP3s is a MP3 organizer designed for users who have 100s or 1000s of MP3s spread over several hard drives and/or networked computers, but of course anyone should enjoy it. It organizes your MP3s by artist, so you can quickly get to any song you want and don't have to go searching for it (although a song-finding function is included).

The concept of actual MP3 files is abstracted, although manipulation of the physical files is possible if the user wishes to do so. Also, you can further organize by your own genres if you wish. You can configure the intelling artist-recognizer according to your filename format(s). You can also easily select any artists or songs and create a playlist on-the-fly. There is also ID3 tag editing, Winamp control, and volume control built right in. Winamp is the recommended MP3 player, although any is ok. (c) May 13, 2000 by Alex Tonello (

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