a Musical Generator v3.0
by MuSoft Builders
(MuSoft Builders Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 4.5 MB
Price: USD 25
License Conditions:

30 Day Trial. Registration: US$25.00

System Requirements:

16 MB RAM, 5 MB Disk Space, Soundcard

Last Updated: 2002-07-30
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

A Musical Generator is a shareware program that creates music and MIDI files from fractals, pictures, text and numbers. Lots of fractals can be used and each fractal can be adjusted in infinite ways to create weird, crazy or beautiful music. Also you can turn bitmaps into music. You can use the names of yourself and your friend to see whether they sound good together. And you can insert your tax figures, model results, spread sheets or whatever numeric source in order to create music.

There are over 50 musical scales which give you the opportunity to have the same music sources sound medieval, classical, Chinese or modern and you can add your own scales. You have up to sixteen tracks to create a whole concert, a separate 16 channels for drums. You can vary the pitch, duration, dynamics and any aspect of your composition.

The interface is very user friendly. Each step is visualized and you can easily plot and play with the fractals. The help function contains a lot of tutorials, which guide you through every step of music creation. Registered users can use the built-in technical support.

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Like it

This program is really funny, easy to use and producing great sounds.....
I've used it for that page :





the real art to make music

for me , the real art to make music
it's we doing her from heart, in around the world, many peoples its making music so much..

Re: the real art to make music

Even withinb this realm of computer made music , people are still using heart ,

*laughs* Neatos!!

I like this program! *g* Though it usually produces crap in the way of music; it's fun!



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