Analog Warfare v3.1
by Angular Momentum
(Angular Momentum Website)

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System Requirements:

Pentium/AMD 800 MHz, 256 MB RAM, Cubase VST 3.7 or higher or other VST 2.0 compatible host software.

Last Updated: 2006-09-09
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Analog Warfare is a Triple Osc VSTi Bass Synthesizer.

  • standard modelled oscillators
  • 1 phase distortion modelled oscillator
  • 2 (Osc AB and BC) Ring Modulators <---new
  • 3 independant Clippers
  • 3 independant Amp envelopes
  • 3 independant state variable filters with crossmix
  • 3 independant filter envelopes
  • 1 modulator envelope
  • 1 Frequency Modulation Envelope module
  • 1 modulator with many sources and 78 destinations
  • 2 BPM synced LFO's with many sources and 2x78 destinations
  • total of 234 routing options
  • 2 BPM synced double multi mode filter delay's with autopanning and autocrossing
  • 2 stereo chorus
  • Double purpose CV/Groove Sequencer
  • 1 phrase arpeggiator with groovecontrol
  • 3 Switchpanels (effects/arpeggiator/miscelanious)
  • midi automated on most usefull controllers
  • 127 midi assignable parameters
  • 64 standard editable patches
  • Supports wave/aif rendering up to 24bit/96khz

New in v3.1

  • Fixes bug in arpeggiator playing on in some hosts.
  • Added an overal volume control.
  • Minor bug fixes.

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