AntiAlias v4.0.6
by ExperimentalScene
(ExperimentalScene Website)
Owned by user ExperimentalScene

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Operating System:
File Size: 291 KB
System Requirements:

32-bit VST Host.

Last Updated: 2012-08-31
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Software Description

AntiAlias filters out frequencies above the Nyquist frequency by oversampling then shelf filtering with a FIR filter.


  • Stereo Input and Output.
  • 64 Bit Floating Point Audio Engine.

Recent Changes


  • Ported To Visual C++ 2010 Express.
  • Fixed A Bug Causing The GUI To Incorrectly Show 2x Oversampling When It Is Set To A Different Amount After Closing The GUI And Opening It Again.


  • Restored SSE2 (Streaming Single Instruction Multiple Data Extensions) Optimizations.


  • New Artwork For Graphical Interface.


  • Updated In Line With DarkWave Studio v3.4.3.
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