Arcade2 v2.1
by dmu audio
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System Requirements:

VSTi host application.

Last Updated: 2008-05-05
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Software Description

Arcade2 is a randomized sample folder animator for inspirational purposes. It loads wave file folders into RAM and lets you play random combinations out of it.

Arcade2 animates the fundamentals of sample playback: file, pitch, start/end/loop points, direction, pan, volume.


  • 2 playback engines with separate stereo outputs.
  • 4 multi-mode and self-modulating custom lf-animators.
  • 2 additional step animators.
  • 1 randomly-stepped detail refresher.
  • Randomness based on user input.
  • MIDI out with 8 random sliding CC values to animate external FX with MIDI note messages.

New in v2.1

  • Many code optimisations and bug fixes - 50% less CPU usage.
  • Complete LFO rewrite.
  • Small interface tweaks.

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me gustaria ser un buen productor musical

XOXOS has one just like this,

except for the cute GUI. The first thing on his list on the link you provided today. Be sure to
include some clown horns and stuff in your sample

Wacky, crazy stuff like this

is what I depend on Shareware Music Machine-Hitsquad to deliver. This gadget should keep me entertained for
hours without hurting myself, guys. Thanksalot!!

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