Ardour v4
by Paul Davis and Team
(Paul Davis and Team Website)

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Donations can be made from authors web site. $45. If you are downloading a ready-to-run version, and choose to pay nothing, you will get one that is missing some handy functionality.

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Last Updated: 2015-04-16
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Software Description

Ardour is featured in our roundup of the best Music Production Software

Ardour is a complete digital audio workstation. You can use it to record and edit your audio to preference. It also allows multi-track recording and mixdown, giving you the power to produce your own music.

Since two heads are better than one, Ardour makes your work easy to share, giving you the ability to collaborate with other Ardour users.

Ardour capabilities include:

  • Multi-channel recording.
  • Non-linear, non-destructive region based editing with unlimited undo/redo.
  • Full automation support.
  • A mixer whose capabilities rival high end hardware consoles.
  • Lots of plugins to warp, shift and shape your music.
  • Controllable from hardware control surfaces at the same time as it syncs to timecode.

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New in v4

  • Improved cross platform support, now works on Windows OS
  • JACK is no longer required
  • GUI Overhaul

New in v3 Beta5

  • New Functionality and Changes
  • Some changes on the interface behavior
  • MIDI bugfixes
  • Supports Generic MIDI control surface
  • Supports Mackie Control
  • MIDNAM, Plugin preset & Program Changes
  • Various build and coding bugfixes
  • Updated Russian and Spanish translations.

New in v3 Beta3

  • Give route groups their own colors
  • Allow route groups to color their tracks
  • Add option to insert time on all a track's playlists
  • Option to glue new markers to bars and beats
  • Implement invert selection for MIDI notes
  • Add Selection-by-note-range for MIDI notes
  • Add session option "MIDI-region-copy-is-fork". If set, all MIDI region copies will be independent from each other; settable via Session->Properties->Misc
  • Offer explicit monitoring choices, so that tracks can be forced to monitor their inputs (and more)
  • Auto-connect new track/bus inputs to physical ports is now the default
  • Auto-connect new track/bus outputs to the master bus is now the default
  • Experimental, incomplete reimplementation of Freesound browser
  • Add option to have track/bus selection linked between the editor and mixer windows
  • GUI improvements
  • Bugfixes

New in v2.8.12

  • OS X Lion Support
  • Alignment correction of recorded audio
  • Open session files directly through Ardour
  • Merge mono files
  • Some changes to automation data recording
  • Remove unnecessary control points in automation data as it is recorded
  • Allow timecode to skip forwards or backwards or even loop while recording automation
  • Bound both Backspace and Delete for delete function (for Mac users)
  • New route groups are turned "on" at creation
  • F4 is now bound to the real action, not the separate sub-menu (ergnomic bindings)
  • Removed unimplemented rhythm ferret options in A2
  • Common operations in the range menu are now easily accessible.
  • Bugfixes and crash fixes

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Jack; Can we give that a miss?

Hi, thanks for this, but it still needs us to mess about with Jack. Why can't this just run normally without fiddly add-ons neccesary? Like other freeware such as Audacity and Reaper. They work right out of the box with no inspiration wasted on geting them running. Please remember, most of us are end users, not tech-heads. I'll look at this for progress in another few months.

Jack; Can we give that a miss?

I totally agree with Steven. I use Logic now but for years I resisted. Not really so much to do with the price as with the learning curve. " ... most of us are end users, not tech-heads." I'm not familiar with Reaper but I still occasionally fool around with Audacity. It's just so straightforward and you can even access all your AU plug-ins. I really did try Ardour with ardour (pun intended) but every time I ran into Jack I just jacked it in the trash ... sorry.

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